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Chicago Blackhawks 2010 Stanley Cup Champions


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For the first time in 49 years the Blackhawks took the Cup tonight. I've been a diehard fan for 43 of those years. Thanks to all my buds here that have emailed, Facebooked, or called me tonight. All I can say is this is AMAZING!

P.S. where is my hockey pal Sterling? I haven't heard from you in months!

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Tony, Facebook is loaded with people saying that very thing, but it has everything to do with Bill Wirtz dying a few years ago and his son taking over the team.

Wirtz lost thousands of potential fans with his idiotic refusal to televise home games, which are basically a free three hour commerical for your team.

The Hawks were the only team in professional sports, not hockey, professional sports, not to show home games. Wirtz even blacked out game seven of the finals in 1971 and was never forgiven for that move by longtime fans. He let great players like Bobby Hull, Jeremy Roenick, Chris Chelios, Tony Amonte, Ed Belfour, etc leave the team over money with little or no compensation in return. His son is the polar opposite, showing all home and road games, giving away free tickets to charities, sending players out to events (many attended the benefit for the kid you mentioned and the team donated incredible items for auction), and he receives standing ovations from fans every time they show him on the big screen at games.

When dad ran the team they had 5k per game, now tickets are next to impossible to get in a 23k arena and they are drawing tv ratings comparable to the Chicago Bears.

The parade is tomorrow and they are expecting 350,000 to attend.

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