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Now THIS is interesting!

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Songwriters release 'Dirty Dancing' demos

By Whitney Matheson

I'm always interested in Dirty Dancing factoids, and here's one that just came across my desk:

The original demos of "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" and "Hungry Eyes" have been unearthed, along with another song intended for the 1987 film. They'll be released Sept. 8 with proceeds benefiting the Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund.

You can preview the tunes right now on MySpace. They're different from the finished tracks -- songwriter Franke Previte sang Hungry Eyes before Eric Carmen recorded it.

Previte and singer Rachelle Cappelli duetted on "Time of My Life" (also co-written by Previte) before Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes belted out the final version. During filming, Swayze and Jennifer Grey danced to this rendition of the song, not what we hear on the soundtrack.

Dancing die-hards can hear more about the music and behind-the-scenes activity via the "Dirty Dancing: Limited Keepsake Edition" DVD box set released last month. It includes several new interviews and a tribute to Swayze.

—USAToday, Jun 09, 2010


Lest anyone be deceived, this is NOT the original demo of "Hungry Eyes". This is a re-recording that borrows heavily from the arrangement on the record. Perhaps the writer of the article got it wrong, but, with all due respect to Frankie and John, there are things on this "demo" that were created in my studio, not the least of which is the entire "bridge section" (where the sax solo is on my recording, the d minor section, which I created to break up the choruses). Additionally, all the guitar lines that Daris Adkins and I painstakingly worked out are suddenly part of the "original demo."

I'm all for a record that raises funds for cancer research, and pays tribute to the late Patrick Swayze, but this is a lot of hooey. Maybe the original demos were edited and then they overdubbed all sorts of new guitars and stuff. I also don't remember Frankie's voice sounding anything like this on the "original.'

It was much sweeter. This sounds like Frankie copying my performance, right down to the ad libs.

By passing this off as "the original demo", it gives people the impression that I copied Frankie's vocal performance and arrangement. Much as I like Frankie, that just "ain't so."

Why not just call the record a re-recording, by the song's writers to raise money for cancer research? Nothing wrong with that!


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The MySpace site says of "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life"—"the other demo version is a sharp new remix of the No. 1 blockbuster by its original producer, the renowned Michael Lloyd". I guess the notes failed to mention "tweaking" aka "a sharp new remix" of another tune... "Hungry Eyes".

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A lot of us have heard demos...and demos never usually sound like a fully produced song. This "original demo" sounds like a fully produced cover of the song that was released. Not a demo.

If you take a song like Harry Nilsson's "Cuddly Toy" written for and sung by Davy Jones of the Monkees, you can hear a clear distinction between Nilsson's demo and the final produced song.

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Good evening,Konbanwa,Eric.

I read your posts tonigt. I was a new member,one month passed.

Meeting of EC.com with Eric means I'm sad.(in my mind)

I can't say goodbye to beautiful(x4) Eric.(in my mind)

So,I was being experienced in Eric as a poster. Eric,I didn't know is here. I understood that. I found out finally that I don't always say liked Eric's posts.

I think that I can't buy CD&itunes another "Hungry Eyes" in Japan. It's O.K. It's not my favarite. I'm sorry.

I know some members and avatars.It's fun.(angelina's avatar keeps changing?)Japan becomes rainy season this week.See you.

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Talk about being disingenuous and not giving credit where it's due... Welcome to the music industry. Make a buck by misleading, misrepresenting and downright lying.

I'm sorry they felt they had to do this. It does not only Eric a complete disservice, but the people who are supporting the benefit effort by buying it.


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Aventurine said:

Oh? Why do you know Okamura?

Probably you live in Tokyo not Naples! Because you know too much about Japan! ;)

Hi Aventurine....long before I moved to Naples, I lived in NYC and NJ. I worked for an investment bank named Solomon Inc and had the choice to relocate for two years to either London or Tokyo...I chose London because I was young, foolish and had a penchant for blonde women...LOL :) But I always enjoyed Japanese culture.

One of my training partners in martial arts a few years back, here in Florida, was from Japan. He and I got along very well. I've yet to travel to Japan but hope to do so someday! I've been to other parts of Asia...but not Japan!

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