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Who's On First?


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"A high-profile (April 1974) performance at Whisky A-Go-Go in Los Angeles, featured a surprise guest appearance onstage by one of the band's musical idols—Who drummer Keith Moon.

"'We were playing "Go All The Way" and I heard someone bang on my back floor tom,' recalls Michael McBride. 'I turned around and it was Keith Moon. He put his scarf around my neck and wanted to play my drums. So I said, "Here you go!"'

"'Keith Moon was wearing a scarf,' recalls (Raspberries roadie) Kevin Dugan. 'He took his scarf off, put it around Michael's neck while McBride was playing and literally pulled him off the drums. Now, McBride was one of those guys that you didn't fuck with. He was a badass motherfucker. When I was younger, I saw three greasers jump him after a gig at a church and he kicked their asses—all three of them. So, Keith Moon pulled him off the drums and Mike was about to jump on him when I shouted, "No. No. No. It's Keith Moon, man. Keith Moon!" The band was happier than a pig in shit that Keith Moon was sitting in with them. We hung out after the show, but he was pretty incoherent—I mean, he was Moon. He was fucked up.'"

Eric Carmen: Marathon Man

Great photo, no doubt, but hahahahaha! The BEST story...EVER!

The group, with sit-in drummer Keith Moon, treated the audience to a rip-roaring version of the classic Free tune, "All Right Now," which Raspberries used to play on stages all across Ohio before they became a national sensation.

You can see Kevin Dugan (Dugie) hanging onto the snare drum right under Keith Moon—praying the Who drummer wasn't gonna send Mike's kit flying all over the stage in stereotypical fashion!


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I woke up early because I couldn't wait to see what picture you would post this morning. I definitely want to read Eric's comments on this one. Did he get to sing with Keith playing, or was it just a drum solo? Eric looks so tired but nervous and seems in absolute awe.

Worth waiting for! Thanks, Bernie.

(Note to everyone that I changed my display name - I won't be confused with Marlene any longer!)

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Wait till Wendy sees this...LOL...I am guessing she will have to smoke a cigarette...

I had a similar experience (but with a lesser celebrity)in Montreal while singing "Go For Soda" by Kim Mitchell the guy actually walked right in the club and gave me the Two-Thumbs Up to my face...I didn't even know it was him till the patrons told me after the set was over...(Kim was playing at the Club Montreal across the street and heard our band doing his tune...

What a thrill it must have been for the guys...Moon the Loon....crazy man! I prefer Jim's style over his though...a little more subtle that Keith's


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"Who's on first, What's on second, I don't know's on third"...

Bernie, "Are you the manager?"!!

'Cause I sure know who I'm betting on scoring the home run :heartpump: with...

...And he's not wearing his jersey :wub:!

One of the best ones yet, Bernie!

...And the story wasn't half-bad either! (After I cooled down enough to actually read it :cool:.)

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bahoodore said:

andie may esta diciendo que el Eric es muy guapo, y su corazon quasi se parro....el Eric le da esta reaccion a las chicas....y me imagino a algunos hombres tambien

I'm sure ec got his share of fawning and attention from some males in the audience. (and no...Beatlebum does NOT come to mind.. ;) )

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I remember when Keith sat down at the drum kit, I expected him to bash the drums at least as hard as Michael did. He certainly LOOKED like he was hitting them hard! But when he started to play, he was about 1/3 as loud as Michael. He was all wrists and grace! I was amazed at how quietly he actually played!

He was three sheets to the wind, but he played great! I guess he was used to playing like that.

It was a great moment!


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I wonder what songs Keith played with the boys that night. So friggin' cool!

BTW the bell to start "I Don't Know What I Want" always seemed like an old-fashioned boxing ring bell used to start a round. It's like an audio allegory introducing the listener to the teenage angst to follow. The song is truly hard-hitting!

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To: Eric Carmen (and other in demand males (James))

From: James
Date: June 9, 2010
RE: Stalker Alert

The stalker threat alert level has been raised to bright red. Information on stalker repellent to follow.


Stalker Threat Adjutant for Homeland Security

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