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I'm addicted to Time Life Music Infomericals


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Every time I happen across one of these I end up watching the entire half hour. I love the video clips from the pre-video era, and I love watching the painfully scripted performances by the hosts.

In fact, it was a few years ago that I saw an infomercial for a '70's collection that included All By Myself. I had always loved the song, but I was only 10 when it came out and never really knew who performed it. This infomercial was the first time I ever heard of Eric Carmen by name. (Hard to believe I know, but I was into heavy metal in the '80's and never heard any of EC's hits from that era.)

That may have been my first step toward Carmen addiction.

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Guest Fresh

I am also guilty of watching these commercials just to see the old clips of the artists performing. I wonder why Time-

Life hasn't tapped into the market and started assembling packages of these old videos in their entirety?

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I was a car hop in the 60's in junior college. Black pants, white blouse, fluorescent colored windshield cards in my right apron pocket, metal coin changer on my left hip, big frozen mugs of ice cold A&W Root Beer and submarine sandwiches on metal trays in the San Juaquin Valley summer heat; and best of all the boys playing "Wipeout" and "Can't Help Falling In Love With You" on their car radios.


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Every time I happen across one of these I end up watching the entire half hour.
Whenever the songs are from the sixties or seventies, I can't help but sing along (so loudly that my husband asks me to please change the channel, which I never do.) I feel sad when the song ends after only one line, but I am quickly revived again by the next great classic! I also especially enjoy seeing the singers and musicians from these "pre-video" decades performing their hits.

And I always wish that someday I will see Eric or Raspberries on one of these clips.

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raspberrybelle that sounds like a wonderful time!! Sorry I missed it (I was 6 when the 60s ended and there weren't a lot of drive in burger joints after that era)!!

I would not go so far as to say I am "addicted" to the informercials mentioned here, but they are interesting to watch. As an insomniac, they help me go back to sleep...unless it is a new one. When that is the case, all bets are off. I own two of the collections!!

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