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Ringo's All Stars?

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I'm looking for opinions from those of you who have seen this show in the past, I know the cast changes year to year, but how much of the show is Ringo and how much everyone else? My wife wants to go, but besides it being on a Tuesday night which would involve taking time off work, I'm not too thrilled paying 200 bucks to see Gary Wright sing Dream Weaver. I guess I'm looking for someone to talk me into it.

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I've seen just about every Ringo tour since he started doing this, including the one that had Eric (obviously), and if you haven't seen him yet, you definately should go. He does all his solo hits and most of the songs he sang in the Beatles. The allstars usually get two songs each in the show, sprinkled throughout the performance. I'm sure it is a big thrill for them to have Ringo drumming on their songs, too.

I'm not sure who is playing with him this year, but in the past I have seen Eric Carmen, Burton Cummings, Todd Rundgren, Richard Marx, and many others that I have loved.

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