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The last few posts from Cleaning House made me realize how much I enjoy being here. Wendy's take on secondmoon's post is all that really matters for me (whether or not sm's post was well intended) she (Wendy) expressed something that we all can use... tolerance, care & concern for others.

Eric's post is just simply amazing. At one time I would have written him a pm telling him he shouldn't expose so much of himself to his fans. But I have to tell you, I really appreciate his candor, honesty and care. So Eric, thank you for sharing your musical knowledge, your experiences... your observations and your pain. And to Wendy, thank you for caring enough, drawing boundaries and bringing out the best post from Eric I have ever read.

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Beatlebum likes attention more than I do...I was thinking about confirming him as a friend on Facebook. But if I did, then there would be nothing on my community page but wall to wall Beatlebum rants in worse-than-second-moon-grade grammar stylings! No room for anybody else...

Still, I do have a life-sized photo of him flexing his muscles in my office...I need therapy.

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