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Sgt. Pepper


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The debate over which Beatles album is the best is an interesting one. I find it impossible to make a single choice, since their early work differs so markedly from their later work, and I love both.

Many people choose Sgt. Pepper. I can't do it because I think Revolver is by far the strongest album from that period. However, I feel like Sgt. Pepper could have been their best ever if it were released a little later, when single releases started to be included on albums. Picture this version of Sgt. Pepper:


Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

With A Little Help From My Friends

Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds

Getting Better

She's Leaving Home

Strawberry Fields Forever


Penny Lane

Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite

Within You, Without You

When I'm 64

Good Morning, Good Morning

Sgt. Pepper Reprise

A Day in the Life

I think Lovely Rita and Fixing a Hole are two of the weaker tracks on the album, so I replaced them with the two classic single cuts. Seems like Penny Lane has to open one of the sides, and the way the album begins and ends seem kinda sacrosanct.

This album would have given Revolver a run for its money. How would you tweak Sgt. Pepper if these two tracks were available?

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Sgt. Pepper was never one of my favorite Beatle Albums. I Love "Beatles For Sale" simply because they sound like some cool hilbilly cats just lettin' it fly in the garage! "Rubber Soul" and "Revolver" are also two of my favorite Beatle albums.

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Guest Fresh

When it was released, Sgt. Pepper did not appeal to me. But over the years I have come to like most of it and appreciate it now. I didn't buy it for at least 10 years after it's release.

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I love the White Album too, but let's be honest. There's a lot on there that could have been dropped with no ill effects. Wild Honey Pie? I'd have to go review the track list, but I think this would have been an absolute class of a single album with some strategic surgery.

The period was one that definitely didn't promote discipline.

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love the early stuff..so full of energy,spunk,freshness..but i also love when they stoppedd touring to concentrate on the studio..if they had'nt done that,maybe we would not have heard rubber soul,revolver,etc..!! too hard to pick,they grew up so fast!!! i loved it all..althiugh 'let it be" was depressing i thought!! lol,chris

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Yah...White Album. Even with weaker tracks like Wild Honey Pie, the discs shine on with the intensity of a dying super-nova. They were already starting to burn out; George, John and Ringo were musically growing in irreconcilably different directions, and the writing was on the wall.

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