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May your birthday be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love. birthday

The “Eight of Clubs†is the card that rules your day of birth. Your card represents “Work/business problems that may have to do with jealousy. This is generally thought to be quite unfavourableâ€.

“Eights†are goal-oriented and strong. They are determined people who work hard, are good with money, realistic, and dependable. They can, however, be too controlling and stubborn.

“Clubs†are curious, communicative, creative. Courts are the suit of communication, ideas, People belonging to the Clubs suit believe in the power of intentions and ideas. They may be in love with words, they may search for the truth and for meaning. They rarely hold a grudge because they are able to rise above emotions and actions and find explanations or excuses for others' actions. On the negative side, they can use words as weapons, and they can finagle their way out of a jam with their clever minds by stretching the truth.

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Happy Birthday to a young lady who is as sweet as she is beautiful! Wishing you a day of fun and happiness, and you'll have one because YOU are fun and happy!

Also wishing a whole year of magnificent things for you!

I posted a happy birthday on your facebook page!

smileheartpump Love, Darlene

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Andie ¡Feliz cumpleaños! Usted es verdaderamente un alma amorosa que ha iluminado muchos aquí! Su belleza es innegable, sin embargo, es tu corazón que tanto nos interesan. Que tengas todo lo que quieras en este día especial!

Feliz Cumpleaños Booyah-mi amigo!

ta da!

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Yeah, what John said! (I just hope it wasn't X-rated!) wink

I did understand the part that said, "Happy Birthday my friend" birthday, and I definitely echo that sentiment!!

I miss your sweet spirit around here, and I'll always treasure those exquisite Eric Carmen YouTube videos you were generous enough to compile and share with everyone!

Especially the "Boats Against The Current" LuvLove video...

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Hey, Amazing Andiemay! I checked in just in time to catch the last half-hour of your birthday. birthday Hope it's been a great one!

And what better way to cap it off than the Beatles' original, pre-Phil Spector-ized version of "The Long and Winding Road" (a.k.a. "al camino largo y sinuoso")?


LC (aka Dark Knight!)

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