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Eric's Chart History


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"Marathon Man," the third single released from Boats Against the Current, "bubbled under" the Billboard Hot 100, reaching #101. Does anyone know of any other EC or Raspberries songs that almost charted but didn't quite make it??

As for "Raspberries" I know ('cause I've seen one in the plastic) Party's Over was issued as a single... after Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)... many years ago there was a small stack of them in a huge 45 bin in a small used record store in Goose Creek, SC... I have often wished I'd have snatched them up, but I didn't... I think there was a second-single from "Tonight You're Mine" there as well, but I'm not sure which one it was... frown

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Yes elle...I've always enjoyed stats..in baseball...music.. etc.

Sometimes I STILL marvel at computers...that I can be thinkin' aboout ANYTHING and find it...It wasn't always that way in our lifetimes!

Yes Ira....but stats NEVER tell the whole story! grin

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...All of Eric's charted successes as a Raspberry...as Eric solo...as a writer recorded by others. Scroll to the bottom of the page for chart info. Maybe this has been done already..If so..I swear I didn't know :yikes:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Carmen
The wikipedia page was created by ec.com member Les R., for those who might not have known.
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YW MissM! I am indeed the creator of several Wikipedia pages in EC's honor (under my Wiki alias of JGabbard). However, I can take credit only for these:






(Sorry only 2 of those links work -- Parentheses and punctuation cause a glitch.)

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It should be noted that the Cash Box chart (CB) was MUCH kinder to EC (& the Raspberries) than was Billboard's Hot 100 chart (BB):

ALL BY MYSELF -- #2 on BB, but #1 on CB. I'll always have a little grudge against BB for that one!

NEVER GONNA FALL IN LOVE AGAIN -- #11 on BB, but #9 on CB.

SHE DID IT -- #23 on BB, #15 on CB. Those of you who know what my favorite EC song is can just guess what I think about this!

BABY, I NEED YOUR LOVIN' -- #62 on BB, #60 on CB.

HUNGRY EYES -- #4 on BB, #3 on CB.

Same goes for most of the Raspberries's big hits:

GO ALL THE WAY -- Reached #5 on BB, but #4 on CB.

I WANNA BE WITH YOU -- #16 on BB, but hit the Top 10 in CB! (#10) So on CB, EC has 2 more Top 10 hits to his credit!

LET'S PRETEND -- Definitely the biggest discrepancy of all: While it charted only at #35 in BB with 7 weeks in the Top 40, it fared quite differently in CB. There it reached #18, and held that position for 2 weeks! Not only that, Let's Pretend spent the same number of weeks in CB's Top 40 as did Go All the Way -- 12 weeks!

TONIGHT -- Another major difference: #69 on BB, but made Top 40 in CB! (#37)

I'M A ROCKER -- #94 on BB, but #75 CB.

Two EC songs actually tied (COH & ITWL), and a few others did chart just slightly lower on CB. The only significant exception was Overnight Sensation (#18 on BB, #24 on CB). But I hope you'll agree that all EC fans should consider Cash Box to be the more accurate source for charting information!!

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Most people know All By Myself reached #2 on the weekly Billboard, but some don't know what songs kept it from #1

The week of March 6, 1976 ABM first reached #2 with the Miracles "Love Machine" at their only week at #1. ABM stayed at #2 for three weeks, so what happened when Love Machine dropped to #3 the following week? Frankies "Oh What a Night" leaped from #3 to #1 and kept Eric out of the top spot for the next 2 weeks.

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That is great to know! BB does not make their old weekly charts so freely available, but by looking at the CB chart I figured it went something like that. ABM's run on Cash Box went 4-3-2-1-5, instead of 3 weeks at #2. Other great songs of 1976 that hit #1 on Cash Box but not Billboard include:

Dream Weaver - Gary Wright (BB #3)

Lonely Night - Captain & Tennille (BB #3)

Right Back Where We Started From - Maxine Nightingale (BB #2)

Lowdown - Box Scaggs (BB #3)

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