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Taylor Swift $$$


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Thanks Jerry, I wasn't aware. I hope though she has someone good managing the giving process. That's a ton of money and she doesn't want a penny to be wasted..

P.S. Another example that creating wealth, making a lot of money (an endeavor carried out by the "The Rich" - those the media loves to tar and feather)...another example why making a lot of money is a GOOD thing.

Great job Taylor Swift!..


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Thanks, Jerry, I saw this last night, and was going to post something to this effect today.

Everything I've heard or seen concerning this young lady, seems to support the view that not only is Taylor the real deal talent-wise, she truly appreciates and cares about her fans.

I can't think of a better role-model of today's musical performers for the youth of America, than Taylor Swift.

Thanks, Taylor....For the generous gift, and for, IMHO, being an all-around class-act!

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I couldn't agree more! I am impressed with Taylor and her genuine love for her family, friends and fans. She is a class act all around. I'm glad that my girls have another positive role model. When they watch Taylor on some of the award shows and any interviews, they see how young adults should conduct themselves. Hopefully they will take something away from those moments and use it in their daily lives.

Great job Taylor! grin

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