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Any Requests?


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Fun thread...

"Boats Against the Current" would definitely be my #1 request....followed by "Cindy in The Wind" and "Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" (cause I would love to hear them live)... followed by....and then.....(I mean, really...wouldn't we always want just one more ??) :)

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Welcome, Jamie. Eric has channeled Rachmaninoff into several songs (All By Myself, Never Gonna Fall In Love Again, My Girl), but that's the first time anyone has noticed the Rach influence on Overnight Sensation. Where did you hear it in this song?

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Thanks for the welcome. I have heard a recording of Eric improvising with his own stuff, and the break after the chorus of O.S. provided the perfect segue into the Rachmaninoff interlude for A.B.M. If, as I alluded to, he was to indulge my request(s) for some twelve-plus minutes straight in two of his most exquisite compostions...perhaps Sergei Vasilievich would be inspired to make his appearance. One might hope.

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teragram said:

I'd love to hear Eric singing his beautiful ballad, I Need You, but I think there's more chance of the Queen of England becoming a pole dancer.

Now that's a disturbing image. :)

Let's see. Desperate Fools, The Way We Used to Be, Boats, NGFILA...um...everything?

My mother taught me to not be greedy. I fail.

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