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Ass-Kissing Post For Wally


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I have a two hour commute 3 days a week. So I keep listening to Raspberries CD's over and over again. I was starting to get bored, so I played the Greatest Hits CD all the way through, ignoring everything but the guitar parts. It's really amazing to listen to songs this way. There's so much you don't hear unless you're listening for it.

I have to say Wally's guitar parts in "If You Change Your Mind" are nothing short of brilliant. I'm only an amateur guitarist who fools around on my porch, but the guitar parts in this song starting with the line "Let me leave now before I cry...." are so beautiful, yet understated. You really can listen to the song without hearing this stuff, and yet it is so wonderful. This guy has to be one of the most underrated guitarists out there.

I feel the same way about Lindsay Buckingham. Nothing too flashy, but the fills he does seem to be perfectly designed for their purpose.

So Wally, even though I'm not Guitar Player magazine, consider your ass duly kissed.

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A little off subject, but I love the song "With You In My Life" - great melody, fun song...great vocals and overall production.

I think many consider that song a throw-away. Not me. I put it up in the top echelon of Raspberries song.



Fan of Wally

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