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Almost Paradise

HT from Mo

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I just wanted to share with everyone that I attended a Grain Valley Middle School Spring Choir concert(where my daughter goes) last night and the kids did fantastic.(she's not in choir but has a couple of friends that are) They have an Honor Choir, Concert Choir and a Show Choir. All of these kids worked hard to sing a wide variety of songs.

Anyway, I was impressed with the Concert Choir because they took on singing "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey and some of the kids did solos. This is not an easy song to me to sing. And they did a lot of Disney tunes too and that was cool too.

As for the Show Choir, they did some muscial tunes and of course some from "Footloose" and included "Almost Paradise". They did an oustanding job on that song too!

If I had brought a video camera, I would have shown the footage here.

This shows that Eric's music spans across generations and that young people are enjoying it as much as we do.

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Beth, what a beautiful post about what sounds to have been a wonderful evening!! However I have to ask...WHAT WERE YOU THINKING...BY NOT BRINGING YOUR VIDEO CAMERA!! Okay, I'm kidding Beth, because we all have those events to which we wish we would have brought the video camera, or turned it on, or removed the lens cap...or a host of other technical things!! I am still glad you shared about the event. You happiness, joy and excitement are palpable!! grin

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...some from "Footloose" and included "Almost Paradise".

Eric is mentioned on the Amil Tellers of Dramatics website for their upcoming performance of Footloose (July 16-18 and 22-25) at the Encore Theatre in Lima,Ohio. "...a musical by Dean Pitchford, Walter Bobbie & Tom Snow, additional Music by Eric Carmen, Sammy Hagar, Kenny Loggins and Jim Steinman...Musical hits include: “Let’s Hear It for the Boy,†“Holdin’ Out for a Hero,â€, “Almost Paradise,†...“Footloose.â€

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Hi Beth! I just saw this post. I came a bit late to the party.


This sounds like a wonderful program of beautiful music for young people to sing! I can imagine "Almost Paradise." I adore that song. I adore Eric's performance of it, especially with Merry Clayton.

It must be such an "up" to see your child performing such beautiful music and loving it!

Terrific post!


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