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Eric in Tokyo


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A microphone is a microphone in any country. I was simply not stating the obvious. Should I have said that those pants are so tight and slippery looking that I'd be a fool not to do a body shot off of them if given a chance?

Come on, that's not me...I don't think that way. I'm Catholic, remember---I do try to remind everybody enough...including myself. ;)

PS: Yes Bernie, thanks for the photo. It was a great shot of that microphone. :)

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First time I don't mean to make a sexual inuendo out of something, {and yes, I can turn anything into one...I know, I know, one of the many "useful" talents God has blessed me with ;) } it's taken as one. :blush:

My goodness, what is an innocent gal like me to do? :D

Now, I am passing out the Lifebuoy Soap so you who thought I was being 'very, very, VEEEERRRY naughty' (I said that with an English accent, just for effect)...can scrub, scrub, scrub clean your dirty little minds! :pray:

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