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Can Someone Clarify What This Is?


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Yeah, that's what's so confusing. The link from this site that sends you there...

"New Releases Link"

...describes it as a package of all 4 discs. Also, there is a similar package with the 1st Raspberries Japanese "mini-vinyl LP" disc for over $40 as well:


which has a similar description....and yet the single "mini-vinyl LP" of that album is available for $15:


That's what makes me think the item I cited might really be a package of all 4 that's just described inaccurately.

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Thanks, but (I know this is bizarre to people) I don't have an ipod, I have never downloaded music in my life and I have no interest in doing so. Half of the fun for me is buying a CD (and LPs before that) and looking at the cool liner notes and inserts. Downloading songs doesn't do it for me.

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Guest Fresh

PaulMaul: I have been an electronics and audio technician and afficianado for over 30 years and I refuse to own or use any compressed MP3 or ipod devices. I love vinyl records, and I have some reel-to-reel tapes that would put an ipod to shame, sonically. Compressed digital files have no depth and sound artificial. As a test, I bought a cable at Radio Shack to allow me to connect my daughters ipod to my esoteric audio system. YUou would not believe how terrible the sound quality was. My kids don't care. I grew up when hifi/audio was a passion. Now it's only for the very discriminatory listener. Then again, there isn't all that much new music that merits the capabilities of a truly high-end audio system. cool

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