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Cyrus Erie at the Hullabaloo


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This long overdue update to the much heralded "Rare Photo of the Week" section of EC.com features an unpublished photo Eric fronting one of his earliest bands, Cyrus Erie.

Updates to this feature are posted each Monday morning, so check back every week.

Forget TGIF, At EricCarmen.com, it's TGIM!


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Since Bernie brought back the Rare Photo Of the Week, I'll bring back my little ditty I wrote in honor of it (and Bernie :wub:)...

To the tune of "Monday Morning" by Fleetwood Mac:

"Monday morning you sure look fine
Can't get Eric Carmen off my mind
First I get up and then I get online
Yeah, I get online
I'll be there
and the gang will too
Waiting there for Bernie, who's
gonna' post a pic to blow our minds"

Thanks Bernie!

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Hi martinwilbury...I read your entry now let me analyze this. I think it was at Chesterland Hullabaloo because from the top of the Marshall's to the ceiling is very high....much like you said, the Mentor Hullabaloo was small and had a lattice framing to the stage.

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martinwilbury=Marty Murphy...Is this true???? If so, Marty,do you remember me?? I used to visit you at Gateway Drug on Mayfield Rd. all the time when you worked there. Also, remember the night you and Eric drove me back to Chardon after a night in Kent at JB's...then Ravenna????? You had a huge Oldsmobile...I also came over to your house a couple times...you lived off of Brainerd Rd. in a development....

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