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I go to EVERY Computer Generated Film (Cartoons in the old days) that receives good reviews.

From "Finding Nemo" to "Toy Story(s)"

To "Up" to "Wall-e"...Ever since my childhood love for Bugs...Daffy...Bullwinkle...Yogi Huckleberry...Fred Barney..Magilla...If it's good...I'm there.

And to have enjoyed these films thru the years with my kids..."priceless"!

Well today me and Jake saw.."How To Train Your Dragon".

What a beautiful film about war...love...bias...youth..with voices by America Ferrara...Craig Ferguson...Go see it with your date..spouse kid..mother grandmother...it's for everybody.

If you don't like it I will give you a gift certificate for 3 FREE "Tony Cartmill... Ira Is Old And Living In The Past Putdown Jokes" that can be used any time on Ericcarmen.com with NO expiration date.

Take a peek at this beautiful...funny...touching film.


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Yes, I love my classic cartoons, The Herculoids, Jonny Quest, shazaam! Adam Aant, Hucklberry Hound, and other Hanna Barbara toons, of Disney classics because of it's colorful cute characters, less violence in most Disney toons of the classics.

The style of toons of the human figure was exceptionally done well of adding humans as characters.

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Hey, gord'! If you are a fan of Jonny Quest, check our The Venture Brothers on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. It everything that Jonny Quest could never have been. Best villain ever. Jonny and Race have even guested. You weill either love it, or gun me down as a animation heretic! grin

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