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Since many on here seem to be from the demographic that were already teenagers during the 'berries heyday, I thought some might not be familiar with my avatar.

"Wacky Packages" were a sticker set issued by Topps (of baseball card fame) from 1973-1975 featuring amazing artwork parodying household products. They were incredibly popular with the youth of the day. My avatar is an unopened wax pack of these.

....and of course my namesake (my name is really Dave)...

If anyone's interested there's a great website on these:


Collecting these is my main passion so I like to promote 'em wherever I go... grin

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Believe it or not, the Wacky Packages artist - Norm Saunders - was the same guy who painted the Mars Attacks set! He was an amazing man. The Wacky Packages stuff was pretty much at the end of his career, he also painted tons of Science Fiction pulp mag covers, countless other card sets, etc.

I've got a link for everything!


Edit: he evidently did the Ugly Stickers too!

Ugly Stickers

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You're right, Mad Magazine (and Cracked also) did have several

product parodies before wacky packages were issued. I think the

one you're probably referring to is a giant-sized Mad from the

late '50's (More Trash From Mad #2, I think?) that contained

an insert of product parody stickers.

By the way, that "Unwrapped" segment features Greg Grant,

a friend of mine and the guy who runs the wacky site I posted

the link to. I now own many of the display boxes shown in

the clip as he sold them to me a few years ago.

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Guest Fresh

Plastered all over my notebook from '65- Ugly Stickers from Topps. They were the best thing since Mars Attacks cards!

Kirk, I had one of those stickers that looked like a marble composition notebook. In big letters it said "COMPOSITIONS" but in small letters above it said "My" and in small letters beneath it said "are usually pretty lousy"! I stuck it on my main notebook in third grade and the teacher didn't notice it until we had to hand in a report done in the notebook. The next day she called me aside and said it was clever! I still have two complete sets of the Mars Attacks! cards.

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