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Have an absolutely fantastic, stupendous, terrific and awesome day!! happy

The “Ace of Spades†is the card that rules your day of birth. Your card represents “‘Power’â€, an energy that is within us all; the essential force of being. It cannot be deniedâ€.

“Aces†are leaders. Ambitious, energetic, motivated, and dynamic. They are independent people who easily initiate new projects. If expressed negatively, they can be over-bearing, impatient, and self-centered.

“Spades†are theoretical, clever, humanitarian. They are hard -working people with strong wills. Spades are the suit of experience. They can be very concerned with power. Positively, they express self-discipline and the ability to apply themselves. Negatively, they may be too focused on the process and lose sight of the need for higher meaning.

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Wishing the Happiest Birthday ever to one who has always been a devoted Eric and Raspberries fan, and someone I loved from the moment I met him online, and even more at the 2004 Raspberries Reunion Concert!

I know you're getting spoiled to death on your birthday by your lovely new wife, and you SO deserve it because you are the best! king

Wishing you a wonderful evening and a fabulous year full of nothing but the best--and a few Raspberries concerts so I can see you again.

:)--Love, heartpump Dar

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Thanks for the kind wishes everybody! I can see retirement from here!!!

There's a great Jack Benny exchange (and you know how old you are if you know who Jack Benny WAS!) that goes like this:

JACK BENNY: It's my birthday next week.

WOMAN: Really? How old are you gonna be, Jack?

JACK: I'm looking at 40.

ROCHESTER: I think you're facing the wrong direction, Boss!


Happy belated birthday, Dave!


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