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One Line, Then A Chorus


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One thing "Go All the Way" and "I Want To Be With You" have in common is that both songs start with a single vocal line and then get right to the chorus. The first time I heard these songs I thought it was unusual, and was expecting a second line before the chorus came in.

After many listenings, I now think it's an intentional and ingenious device. One of Raspberries outstanding attributes is the wallop that is packed in a very efficient package. In 1972, the vogue was to do in 6:00 what could better be done in 3:00. Raspberries, to their credit, bucked this trend.

There's a lot of music I love, but these songs just seem so...perfect. Not a note is wasted, everything serves its purpose. Nothing is missing and yet nothing is needlessly included.

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