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Starting Over


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Love the song, but the recording leaves a bit to be desired. For some reason the vocals sound buried, especially at the beginning.

As a result I had trouble making out the lyrics. Imagine my surprise at seeing the "f-word" when I looked them up! This song seems like it had a definite shot as a single. Was there a "clean version" for radio airplay?

Eric has an incredible knack for appealing melody lines. While many of these tracks boast an amazing "wall of sound," I can picture them sounding just as beautiful "unplugged" with a single piano or guitar. Another in a long line of triumphs.

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"Starting Over" is a great song.

But I don't like the inclusion of the f-word - it doesn't fit with the dignity of the song, IMHO.

Hey PaulMaul, welcome, and I recommend buying the album ("Starting Over")...it's wall to wall great, as are all 4 Raspberries studio albums.

They really are, it's no exaggeration..


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Starting Over is probably my favorite composition of Eric's. I was at first taken back a little when I realized what he was really saying.... but the more I listen to the song the more I get it, and the inclusion of "such language" I think just adds to the depth of emotion that the song is about.. it is pure, raw uncensored emotion pouring out to us through both lyric and music.... just my thoughts...

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You have a good ear...Eric has a great piano part that got buried in the strings, also. The song wasn't considered for a single (thus the lyric), but it should have been. Bernie did a montage with the piano demo- it's a beautiful piece or work.

PM, you might want to check out the 'search' feature on the site. Eric has had a lot to say about his music, the music business, and oh so much more :cool: Enjoy!

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