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R.I.P. Doug Fieger


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I heard this on the news tonight, and am very saddened. He was only 57, and when he opened for Raspberries at The Scene in Cleveland, he was dynamic and sang like he was 25.

I love The Knack and just feel completely bereft.

RIP, Doug. Your music will live long after you. And we'll never forget you.

:(--Love, Darlene

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Alot of people don't hold Jann Wenner in very high regard. I don't know much about him, but whenever I've seen him in interviews, he comes off as full of himself. Anyone know more about him?

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Just from what I remember—and I admit that I haven't kept up on my Knack trivia—I thought the big complaint the music press had was that The Knack's management simply bought them the Carnegie Hall gig as an extreme promotional move to connect the band with Beatles-size success.

That is, they were not yet such a popular band that it "justified" the prestige of a Carnegie Hall performance. (And, of course, when many folks think of rock music in Carnegie Hall they naturally think of the Beatles.)

If that is how it all went down, I can see how the rock press might perceive it as presumptuous & crassly ambitious. That type of thing never went over well with writers who "believe in the 'true spirit of Rock and Roll.'"

Whatever they thought that meant...

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