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EricCarmen.com Garage Sale Ends Sunday!


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I am not familiar with ebay and how to access the selection of items to view. Where do I click on the format?


At 3:00 PM, click on the LINK above to see all of the items. The auction will end next Sunday! It's rather easy, but beware of fans who wait until the last minute to put in their bids. You can be the high bidder all week and lose out in the last seconds if you're not keeping an eye on the items you're most interested in.

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I hate the wording for the laminates from the 4/3/09 HOF show - The word "FINAL" in all capitol letters scares me. frown

Bernie, please tell us that you don't literally mean it was their final show ever.

Haha. Well, no hidden meaning intended. It was their last show and it's almost been a year since, but who knows?

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Thanks for everyone's support of this years auction. There's only a few more days left, so good luck. There are still lots of bargains in there! In fact, two unique collectibles that I had a hard time parting with currently have VERY LOW bids:


There's only ONE of these in the world and Eric used this very guitar cord on stage when the Raspberries reunited. It powered all of his guitars on stage. It is personalized with Eric's name and a Raspberries logo. Imagine getting the guitar cord John Lennon used at Shea Stadium? I really wanted to keep this one for myself!


Only TWO of each of these laminates were EVER made. One laminate went to each of the bandmembers, and this is the ONLY other set there is. Plus, with each bandmember hanging onto their own laminate, this is the ONLY complete set of them in the universe! I really wanted to keep these, too, but wanted to put some MEGA RARE items in the auction this year.

The bids are currently soooo low that I may bid on 'em myself and keep 'em!


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I thought those two items were worth more- so I 'spent' a $100 on them- $75 on the cord and $25 on the passes. I was the high bidder on both for awhile, but not anymore. I usually budget a hundred bucks on the auction- sometimes I win something, sometimes not. Even if I don't win the item(s) I'm bidding on, I've raised at least a hundred bucks for the website (with somebody else footing the bill and getting the item). Back to the auction smile

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