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Whats for Dinner????


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2 days ago...On-the-verge-of-molding broccoli, nappa cabbage, onions, chicken and noodles, thrown into a base of chicken broth flavored with coconut milk, corriander and curry, that I bought at the 99C Store!

Man, did that turn out great...rivaling some of the finer soups I've had at my favorite Thai Restaurants.

It's all about the broth base, baby...

I went back to the 99C Store and bought 4 more quarts of that broth! Guess how much each one cost?...

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Rigatoni w/ bergundy marinara. Sausage. Fresh tomato and mozzarella slices drenched in extra virgin olive oil and herbs. Fresh loaf of Italian semolina bread.

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Today, it was Lemon-pepper Tilapia, oven roasted potatoes with Parmesan, and sugar-snap peas.

Tomorrow, it is homemade French Onion Soup with sourdough toasts, and a thick, bubbly layer of Gruyere cheese on top!

It seems it's soup weather around here, huh?


You can cook for me anytime. Sounds yummy for TOMMY's tummy.

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