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"It's A Long Way To The Top" by AC/DC - great song.

My main point for this post: the last couple minutes of "No Hard Feelings" is as high-energized, and rockin as anything AC/DC ever did...or any hard rock band for that matter.

"No Hard Feelings" is intense, and still underrated, even here, IMHO.

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Was just reading one of Eddie's blogs from the Metallica Rock & Roll Hall of fame induction:

"Also, one more crazy twist in Cleveland. I grew up loving The Raspberries as a kid. My first favorite rock band. I have since come to know them through some interviews for VH1 Classic when they reunited. Staying in the room next to me was their leader Eric Carmen. We talked both days and it was awesome. Huge personal connection to this band for me and it's awesome to know them. Being there as a guest of Metallica, and hanging with the guys that introduced me to distorted guitar, it all came full circle. Amazing!"


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Welcome PaulMaul! Thanks for the info. It's cool to see how Eric and the Raspberries have influenced so many individuals...no matter the differences in styles of music.

It doesn't matter how long you've been a fan...what matters is that you recognize the timelessness of great music when you hear it!

Hope you enjoy the site!


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