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I Hate...(fill in the blank)


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I Hate...That I've NEVER got to see Eric or the Raspberries, live!

BTW Pat, Great job on Bernie's birthday video!

Thanks, Elle, much appreciated, but I'll bet Bernie was more excited to see the video you spoke of than anything I could have done! LOL I really hope you will get your wish some day and see the band live....there is nothing like it! Every fan here should get that chance.

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at the moment...John Edwards..(scumbag) madarrghangry

Tommy..in your situation you shouldn't have to pay alimony, she should be paying you.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...they will never be won, and too many young lives will be lost. cry

The Obama administration crazy

Tofu crazy

The abuse of Children crying

The abuse of animals crying

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