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Bernie’s Birthday Video Gift...


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Well, I loved doing a Christmas video so much that I decided to do another for the board. I doubt any Hollywood producers or directors are shaking in their boots, but it was fun to make.

So here’s to the Birthday Boy, Bernie! I hope you enjoy your present.

PS: Again, earphones are recommended as the volume does change. Please ignore the watermarks and the weird shape of the converted videos. You’ll spot ‘em...trust me. wink

Also, best bet is to go directly to Youtube via the link below and click on HQ and go full screen. Youtube didn’t mess up the quality too much. And that is a good thing...


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I don't know Bernie... Up until now I always felt your post (about a year ago) with President Obama wearing the "Free Lew" T-Shirt was the best post I'd seen on this website. That was genius!

But now it looks like you have competition from your friend Wendy. She's special, as are all the people that contributed.

Great video Wendy, you're so very creative!

And Happy Birthday Bernie!..


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Wow. What a GREAT start to this day. I am sooooooo touched and honored to have so many remarkable friends.

Thanks to all of you and special thanks to Wendy—you are WENDIFEROUS...and you know it!


You are so welcome! (And thanks for the text this morning. I was in traffic with my best friend, {you know, you, her, and Tiger? lol} on the way to her office to help with her up coming conference. When I “buzzed†Tammi and I said: BERNIE!)

I actually finished this last night right after 9PM. Gene sent me his video at @8PM and I asked, in a panic, can you convert the Bonfanti's for me? All of a sudden it wasn't working.

And last week my laptop kept crashing and I lost the timeline 4 times and had to redo it...editing and all. I did start to cry a few times, huh Marlene (woe is me) because I couldn't believe after involving so many that I wouldn't be able to put it together. But I did, thank God!

However, I can't stress that without everyone who agreed to do this, it would have been just a typical video.

Also, Diane and Tommy and Tony and Rob and Lew Bundles, as well as a few others, all wanted to participate but, I fear are technically challenged in one way or another and weren't able to send a video. But they were ALL in!

I have outtakes I want to put together as well as some video from Al Chan's show. He was so cool to let me get on stage (with a big run in the back of my nylons. Class, I tell ya!) and have the whole pub wish you a Happy Bday.

This was the BOMB to make...

Hope you’re having a great day and remember; don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. haha

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Haha. Seeing the whole pub wish me a "Happy Birthday" was pretty cool! Bet they were all thinking the same thing..."Who the heck is Bernie?!?" (Insert adjective of choice instead of 'heck' depending on how drunk you think they were by then).

Anyway, reminded me of the time my good pal Paul Sidoti was playing in Tequila Sunrise, his fab Eagles tribute band. The band was rocking the roof off a very large venue called Penn's Peak in Jim Thorpe, PA.

Packed with over 1,200 Eagles fans, Paul led the band through a crowd-pleasing encore of Joe Walsh's "All Night Long." When it came to last chorus, Paul stepped up to the microphone and commanded the crowd to join in the big sing-along.

"All night long. All night long!"

Then he shouted, "Now just the women!"

"All night long. All night long!"

"Now just the men!"

"All night long. All night long!"

"Now all of the people on THIS side of the room," Paul shouted as he pointed to his right.

"All night long. All night long!"

Then Paul pointed to his left and said: "Now all of the people on BERNIE'S side of the room!"


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Wendy, while it is true that I am at a loss when it comes to downloading(unless it's food/drink) and uploading(unless it's a 12 gauge shotgun), my daughter is a pro at this sort of thing. She is an honors student in college majoring in video editing/game design/multimedia. I'm very proud of her.My real problem was that I have the job of emptying out(into a 30 cu.yd. container) the entire contents of my wife's aunt's house. The poor woman is 85,never married, and had a stroke last January. My wife is her only living relative within 1,500 miles and we had to put her in a nursing home around Thanksgiving because she could no longer afford the live-in assistant($1,000/wk).So now the house must be sold so the assests can go into an escrow account which wil pay for the nursing home for however long it lasts. My extreme disappointment in not getting to do the video, but I appreciate your asking and it came out wonderful. Rob

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OMG! I'm not on Wendy's 'A' list!! I'm going to slash my wrists shocked

Just kidding wink Great job on Bernie's b-day video- that was a hoot!!

You mean the F list. FACEBOOK people. A few others I asked when I spoke with them.

And you know you're on my A list...of people I find ABSOLUTELY super duper, Kirk! smile

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Whew! I was afraid you'd forgotten who your 'first' was on EC.com blush

You know, I was going to join facebook, but it would end up looking like myspace, which I haven't had time to anything with. Maybe some day...

I guess I can put the razor down, now laugh Keep putting out those heartfelt vids- we could all use a little more love.

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