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EC.com Fantasy Baseball League 2010


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I usually start off with a joke, but not this week. Two things need recognizing. First, what an incredible season Jay had! He was in first place from day one and never lost it, showing us he plans on being a force in the playoffs by winning his final series, 10-0! That being said, there are five other teams that have their sights set on beating him and if I know Jay, he wouldn’t have it any other way! Congrats, Jay!

Second, I have to tip my cap to two great champions that missed the playoffs, showing just how difficult and serious our money league is. Larry was our reigning champion from last year and went out like lion, winning his final series, 9-1. LC did everything imaginable to stay alive and make the playoffs and came “thiscloseâ€. Larry has won many championships playing fantasy baseball this past decade. Then there is the two time champion of our league, the only guy that has more girls sweating on this site than Eric Carmen, and that’s my buddy, Tommy Tunes. Double T was without home computer access all year and knowing how he loves his “Trader Tommy†moniker, that had to affect him. I guarantee you he will be a force next season here, so look out! I offer a standing ovation to both of these terrific friends.

Now, back to mischief! Jay put the screw to Lew, 10-0, winning the regular season title by a whopping 12.5 games! His offensive juggernaut had bookend 53 totals for both runs and ribbies and he swiped ten bases. Carlos Gonzalez stole three of those and batted .517. Jay had five pitchers with double digit K’s. Lew was led by Josh Hamilton’s .444 and Prince Fielder’s two homers and .318.

LC took it to Paulie, 9-1, led by 56 RBI and ten wins from his pitchers. Three homers each for Aaron Hill and Mark Reynolds for the GATW’s and Hanley Ramirez hit .444. LC’s tinkering found him with Carlos Zambrano, remember him?, getting two wins, 15 K’s, and a 1.46. We all search for saves and I ain’t lyin’, LC found four from Brandon Lyon! Paulie had an amazing stat in that his pitchers had a whopping 100 K’s, yet only one, CJ Wilson, had more than ten! Talk about consistency! Brian McCann was his best hitter with two homers and a nifty .353.

Rick beat John, also by a 9-1 thumping. Rick dominated the pitching categories, winning them all, but the hitting was very close on both sides. Rick got five stolen bases from Alex Rios and his Take It Or Leave It rejects, Neal Walker (.481), Ted Lilly, and Jorge DelaRosa (13 K, 2.08) led the way for him. Excuse me, while I yell out the window! There, that feels better! John got three homers from Curtis Granderson and a super week from Mark Teixeira, who had eight RBI’s and hit .476. John, we have some nice parting gifts for you, my friend! Please follow Carol Merrill backstage.

Mitch topped Tommy, 7-1, to secure second place, led by his pitching 2.11 ERA, 1.06 WHIP. Hiroki Kuroda said sayonara to the hitters, with 15 K’s and a 1.72 and he got three saves each from Matt Capps and Huston Street, as there were no problems, Houston! We saw no bending of Beckham, as Gordon hit like a magnum at .357. Beckham has hit almost .400 since the allstar break. Jason Heyward hit .400, in what might be Jay’s lone mistake in 2010. Tommy was led by King Felix (Hernandez) 17 K’s and 0.00 ERA. He picked up three saves from Bobby Jenks, despite a 6.35 ERA and it was clearly the butler that did it, for him, with Billy Butler batting .435!

Pat outlasted Harry, 6-4, in a seasaw battle that went back and forth all week. Pat had nine saves, and God only knows, his leader was Brian Wilson with four. Starlin Castro put the star in Starlin with a sweet .440 and Miguel Tejada hit three homers. Hunter Pence knocked in nine runs. Harry’s pitching was spectacular, with a 2.44 ERA, but his hitters, led by Carl Crawford’s .409 and a nine RBI, .357 week from Chase Utley weren’t too shabby, either.

So, our final regular season standings look like this:

Jay 136-73-11 ---

Mitch 123-85-12 12.5

Rick 114-96-10 22.5

Pat 107-102-11 29

Paulie 106-101-13 29

Harry 105-105-10 31.5

Larry 99-107-14 35.5

Tommy 91-110-19 41

Lew 81-130-9 56

John 73-126-21 58

Jay and Mitch get first round byes and it’s Rick versus Harry and Pat versus Paulie in first round action!

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A great race came to a conclusion in the ECL, as Paulie held off Joe to capture the regular season title by 5.5 games. We saw only a half game separating teams ranked 4-6!

Frank, who grabbed the four spot, beat Marlene, 8-1, topped by a sparkling 2.55 team ERA. His offense went on the hunt, as Hunter Pence knocked in nine runs and hit .500! Frank was also led by Shin-Soo-Choo (God bless me, let me get a Kleenex!) had six RBI’s and hit .333. Marlene was led by injured Josh Hamilton’s .429 and Mark Teixeira’s .476. I’ll admit it…I was hoping all season she would trade for Mark Reynolds, so when she played Frank, I could make the Hamilton, Yo (Joe) Frank, and Reynolds joke, but it never happened!

Pat unplugged the Vox, 7-3 (If you played an instrument, you’d be on the floor laughing at that one!). Only Jesus had more saves than Pat this week, as he had twelve, led by Brian Wilson’s four. Jonathan Sanchez had 15 K’s and a miniscule 0.60 ERA and both Starlin Castro and Ichiro Suzuki hit over .400 and Ichiro finally got the itch to run, stealing four bags. Tom hit fifteen homers and had 55 RBI’s with an insane .329 team average. (Good thing I’m not playing him in the playoffs, eh? Ummm, wait!) Carlos Gonzalez and Chase Utley were the usual culprits for him and Matt Capps had three saves for the Voxmen.

Paulie edged Joe, 5-4, despite Joe leading most of the week. Paulie had ten wins and 110 K’s! Wow! Ian Desmond was a desmond in the rough, hitting .625 and Michael Young found the fountain of youth, batting .400. Joe got two wins from Ervin Santana and got plus .400 weeks from Matt Weiters and Scott Rolen, who really got his offense, umm, rollin!

John and Lew ended up knotted at five each. John’s Performance Enhancers had just enough enhancement (Hey now!....Larry Sanders joke!) to grab the five spot with fourteen homers, three from Ryan Howard. Aaron Hill hit .750 and Hiroki Kuroda made sushi out of hitters with a 1.72. John had four pitchers with ten or more K’s. Lew swiped thirteen bases, but Hanley Ramirez’s 8-2-6-3 .444 led his batters. Brandon Lyon’s four saves tied for the most saves of the week.

So, the ECL regular season ended up like this:

Paulie 124-86-10 --- (Congrats to Paulie!)

Joe 119-92-9 5.5

Pat 116-91-13 6.5

Frank 98-109-13 24.5

John 98-110-12 25

Tom 97-109-14 25

Lew 93-116-11 30.5

Marlene 86-118-16 35

Paulie and Joe get byes and week one playoff action will see Pat versus Tom and Frank versus John.

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Not sure if there is/was an update coming... but for anybody who might care, yours truly managed to do the unthinkable and win BOTH the Raspberries Baseball League AND the Eric Carmen Baseball League titles this year...

As I've told the guys in the league message boards, it was a tough but fun season and I think they're all a bunch of great guys who it's a blast to "play ball" with... win, lose, or draw... laugh

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Congrats on both titles to Paulie! Sorry I'm a little late, though I did IM you with it when you knocked me out of the finals, but I've been swamped lately. I was recently talked into blogging for a Chicago sports website. Guess all those reviews gave me practice, eh? Whodathunkit?

Hey, does that make me "Bloghawkpat"?

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