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Pat, that 10-0 drubbing you laid on me has woken me up. Thank you (I think...) You just kicked my butt, b*tch-slapped me around, chewed me up and spit me out and then kicked me into the sewage. It was painful. I honestly don't know if I've ever lost by a 10-0 score... 9-1, yes, but I don't remember a 10-0.

So my troops had a closed-door meeting and there was a lot of yelling. I'm sure some of it was directed at, um, the GM for cutting Bronson Arroyo (although no one seemed to mind Lackey leaving!). Now we'll have to hustle if we even want to sniff the playoffs.

And who doesn't want to at least sniff the playoffs?



PS: I echo the compliments for your updates here. I know from past that it takes a bit of time and some commitment to get it together every week, but... it's also a bit of fun, isn't it? (Especially when your own team wins, by, say, a 10-0 margin!)

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Six more weeks to go and the action is hot and heavy in the RBL. We had several underdog wins this week, but Jay keeps trouncing everyone (Rick just said “excuse me?â€)…okay, everyone but Rick!

Lew ended his six week losing streak by beating Larry, 8-2, as his team hit for a, umm, bundle. Josh Hamilton batted a sizzling .481 and Joey Votto (3 HR) hit .375. Milwaukee’s finest, John Axford (who?) had a win and three saves for Lew. LC’s team was paced by three HR’s from Mark Reynolds and nine RBI (.500) from Miguel Cabrera.

Rick whipped Tommy, 7-3, led by Buster Posey’s .480 and Adrian Beltre’s .379. Johnathan Sanchez had ten K’s in only five innings. Tommy was humming a happy tune with fours saves from Neftali Feliz and three homers from Michael Young. One fantasy publication said not to use Feliz this past week. Where do you apply to be a fantasy writer at anyways? These guys are more overpaid than the lookout at Pearl Harbor!

Jay tripped Paulie, 7-2, despite Paulie’s big 57 RBI week (8 for A-Rod). Paulie had some nice surprise “weeks†from Ricky Weeks (three homers) and Jeff Keppinger (.375). Jay had more runners touch home than the Boston marathon this week, but his batters were obscene, led by Jason Heyward’s .538 (glad his thumb isn’t healthy yet!), Luke Scott’s .447, and Ryan Howard’s .357 magnum that also shot three homers.

John ended his four week losing streak, exploding on Harry, 7-3. Mark Teixera had 10 runs and eight RBI’s and also hit .435. Austin Jackson hit at a .469 clip for the Ballers. Harry was led by Justin Upton’s .444 and when Chone Figgins wasn’t fighting his manager, not Harry, he hit. 304. (Thirty six million, huh? I commiserate with you, Harry, as he is my guy in the ECL!)

My team outslugged Mitch, 7-3, led by 56 runs and 59 RBI. Delmon Young (11 RBI) and Aramis Ramirez (10 RBI) were the leaders. Brian Wilson had four saves…and I love his new song written by Gershwin! Mitch stole thirteen bases, led by four from Chris Young and Erick Aybar hit .346 for the Go Down Swingin’s. Talk about frustrating….I had three pitchers throw shutouts for eight innings and none of them got wins for me! Mitch has some great pitching, I’ll tell ya! Hard to get an effort like that and face his staff.

Jay is still on top with 99 wins. Rick is ten games behind, then Mitch at 13, and Harry at 22.5. The matchup of the week has got to be Jay (#1) versus Harry (#4)

I gotta tell ya to never give up in this game, my dear friends. One month ago today, my team was in tenth (last) and had won one series in the first twelve weeks. Yeah, ONE! I made a few moves, got a few healthy bodies returned, and some guys are actually hitting like they should and I’ve won four straight weeks and am currently in fifth. It can be done!

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The Take It Or Leave It’s won their head to head matchup with Great Expectations, 7-3, to regain first place in the ECL with a great series between the top two teams.

Paulie won the homers and RBI by one each and had eight RBI from Brian McCann. He also got three saves each from Heath Bell and Rafael Soriano. I had four homers and ten RBI’s from Aramis Ramirez, who hit nine homers and had 24 RBI in a twelve game period, after doing nothing all season. Delmon Young added 11 RBI and Brian Wilson chalked up four saves.

Joe topped Lew, 5-4, to claim a second place tie with Paulie, both two games out. Joe whacked 17 homeruns (11 from different players) and had nine RBI from Miguel Cabrera. Lew swiped thirteen bases and nine RBI from Jose Bautista.

John beat Frank, 6-3, as Ricky Weeks and Joey Votto each had lines of (7-3-7). Justin Upton led all his hitters with a slick .444. (Anyone ever see the hilarious Snoop Dogg movie about the car wash when one of the cleaners tries a GPS system and it talks back to him in jive when he tries to say numbers “fo-fo-fo�) Fo-fo-Frank was led by A-Rod’s .385 and two wins from Johnny Cueto.

Tom doubled up Marlene, 6-3, ending her winning streak. Geovany Soto and Mark Reynolds hit three homers for the Voxsters and Nelson Cruz hit .400 with seven RBI. Marlene had her usual great pitching (2.17 ERA, 1.06 WHIP) and mark Teixera hit .435.

Joe (tied at #2) takes on Frank (#4) as the matchup of the week.

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Week seventeen was pretty mean to some of our players, as evidenced by their posts above, but there is still time to make the playoffs for everyone.

Rick saw his four week winning streak go by the wayside with a ten-love drubbing at the hands of Paulie, who rocketed into fourth place. Paulie’s boys had homerun fever, led by five from Dan Uggla and four from Paul Konerko. He also got a no-hitter from Matt Garza, the first in Rays history. Rick’s top performer was Shaun Marcum’s ten K’s.

I beat John, 8-1, paced by 56 runs and 61 RBI for the week. Joe Mauer (remember him?) had ten RBI and batted a cool .632. John’s team was led by Met David Wright, who did no wrong, with eight RBI and a .471 average.

LC lived up to his promise to get back into the race after two tough weeks, as he beat Mitch, 6-4. Mitch, despite losing the week, actually gained ground in the race for second place. Larry won all five offensive categories with a surprise .476 from Chris Johnson and a .444 from Alexei Ramirez (he sure doesn’t look Russian!) Both teams had an incredible strikeout week, with LC winning, 105-104, topped by 18 from James Shields. Mitch got 17 from Francisco Liriano. Angel Pagan had a heavenly week for Mitch scoring nine runs and batting .455.

Jay and Harry ended up being knotted at five wins each. Beatlejay was led by Carlos Gonzalez with four homers and .533 and Big Papi knocked in ten runs. Harry saw the ultimate find of fantasy ball this year, Jose Bautista swat five homers and knock in a lucky thirteen. His pitching had big weeks from Cole Hamels (18 K’s) and Cliff Lee (17).

Tommy and Lew, the Jersey boys, ended up 5-5. Tom’s Yankees, Robinson Cano and Nick Swisher, each had three homers and Jered Weaver whiffed 15. Lew got two wins and fourteen K’s from Ricky Nolasco and Joey Votto batted .407.

So, congrats to Jay for being the first to top 100 wins with 104, as he remains in the top spot. Mitch is in second (14 GB) followed by Rick (15 GB) and Paulie (20).

We usually go with the highest ranked matchup as the series of the week, but with five teams neck and neck for the last three playoff spots, I’d say Paulie (#4) versus Tommy (#7) is the big one right now.

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The ECL race for first is tighter than a Raspberries gig, as Joe and Paulie are now tied for first and Pat is one half game behind!

Yankee Joe slugged 16 homeruns and had a .556 week from Scott Rolen to lead his team by Frank’s, 6-3. He also got a 0.00 ERA from Francisco Liriano and 17 K’s. Frank was led by newly acquired Hunter Pence, who has played on four teams in the ECL this year, with a .391 average. He also got a no-hitter from Matt Garza.

Paulie scored 61 runs and stole 11 bases to top Lew, 6-3. A .632 week from Joe Mauer, five homers from Dan Uggla, and foru saves from Rafael Soriano did most of his damage. Lew had a nice 5-13, .545 week from Jose Bautista.

Marlene got back to her winning ways, beating Pat, 6-4, in a very tight series. She had six pitchers pick up more than ten K’s each and got seven RBI’s from Brandon Phillips. Pat had a big week from Delmon Young, with eight runs, seven RBI’s, and .500. He also got four pitchers to hit ten K’s or more, but it wasn’t enough.

We might be doing another investigation on those Performance Enhancers again, as John’s boys whacked twenty homeruns, led by Paul Konerko’s four. He also had five players with two homers each. What ARE they passing around in that clubhouse? Tom was led by Carlos Gonzalez’s 4-7 .533 week.

Matchup of the week? Paulie at number one A (or is it B?) against Frank (#4A or is it B?)

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One month to go and races are HEATING up! LC bested the Booyah Ballers, 6-2, with an incredible 26 K’s from Brandon Morrow (he did only pitch twice, right?) that made a great week from Colby Lewis (16 K’s) seem paltry in comparison! My loss of Carlos Pena was Larry’s gain, as Sean Rodriguez swatted at a .556 clip, as he moved over to first base. John had seventeen K’s from Johan Santana and got five homers from Adam Dunn, as AL teams wonder why they didn’t trade for him?

Mitch topped Lew, 6-4, led by Albert Pujols (sorry, LC, but I think I told ya!) great line of 7-3-8 .522. Mitch may have set an RBL record this week as he picked up or dropped seven, count ‘em seven, catchers in one week! Today he picked up his eighth in Ramon Castro. Hey, Mitch, the song is “Eight DAYS A Weekâ€, not catchers! Lew was led by his Brew Crew of Prince Fielder’s 11 RBI and .423 (no homers, though) and Yovani Gallardo’s 19 K’s.

I gotta tell ya….Jay is just fantastic at this game. I had him, I mean really HAD him, at 8-2 at 10:00 PM Saturday night, but thanks to his great team, terrific managing, and my own Josh Beckett’s absolutely pathetic performance Sunday night, I only won 5-4, sweating to do that for my sixth straight win (most of anyone this season). Carlos Gonzalez was just obscene for Jay with a 7-4-8-3 .423 (can you say, “MVP�) and Jay whacked 19 homers in the week. Joe Mauer hit .455 for my club. In kind of an ironic twist, Jay’s favorite team is the Mariners and mine is the Cubs, and those guys were pretty much the difference makers, as my Mariners, Ichiro and David Aardsma, and an ex-Mariner Raul Ibanez, hurt Jay, and most of my Cubs (Lee/Ramirez) killed…..ME!!!!!!!

Harry edged Rick, 5-3, despite Rick’s 57 ribbies (11 from Casey McGehee…what was in the water in Wisconsin this week?) Harry’s best was Chone Figgins, who figured out how to swipe three bases and hit .522. Maybe everyone should attack their manager, eh?

Tommy and Paulie were even steven at five apiece. Tom got two wins and a 0.00 ERA from Trevor Cahill and Ryan Braun (another Brewer) scored eight runs and hit .538! Paulie had a sparkling 2.39 ERA and was topped by the return of Troy Tulowitzki’s .500 average.

So, despite the loss, Jay is still on cruise control in the lead, with Mitch 12.5 GB, Rick 15.5, and Paulie in fourth at 19.5. Only six teams make the playoffs and there are some tremendous battles going on from 4-8.

Top matchup? Rick (#3) versus Pat (#5) is the math matchup, but Harry (#6) and Tommy (#7) means a lot, too. They are all big from here on in, folks!

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If pitching wins championships, then watch out for the Vox boys, as Tom cooled off Joe, 8-2, taking all five of the pitching categories. The Populi picked up two wins each from lefties Jason Vargas and Ted Lilly. Tom was led on the hitting side by big weeks from Adam Dunn and Carlos Gonzalez. Joe’s top pick, Albert Pujols, led the way for him and he also picked up a sweet 1.50 ERA from Matt Latos.

Pat grabbed his share of first place by putting the screw to Lew, 6-3. Chone Figgins .522 and Ichiro Suzuki’s .400 (4 SB’s) led the way, as it’s been ancient since two Mariners were on top for the Take It Or Leave It’s. John Lennon said “Instant Karma’s gonna get you†and it sure did, as Lew stole bases in bundles, with a total of thirteen for the week, eight of them by former Take It Or Leave It players! Ouch! One of them, BJ Upton, hit two homers, stole four bases, and hit .320. I lost three players (the law firm of Youkilis, Pena, and Buck) to the DL this week.

Paulie kept his share of first place, beating Frank, 6-4, in a great series. Paulie hit 16 homers and picked up ten wins (two each for Tim Hudson and Brandon Morrow). Casey McGehee and Joe Mauer were his best hitters. Frank had big whiff weeks from Roy Halladay (19) and and Johan Santana (17). Derek Jeter scored eight runs and hit .375, while Raul Ibanez, riding a sixteen game hitting streak, hit .391.

Marlene outslugged John, 6-4. Her Mark Teixera had ten RBI and Torri Hunter hit .500 before he flipped on an umpire and sat out the rest of the week. Nick “oompah†Markakis had a nice .429 week, as did Paul Konerko’s .370 for John. Hey, shouldn’t John’s guys being saying “booyah†instead of “oompah�

Pat and Paulie share first place with four weeks to go in the ECL, with Joe four games out and Tom in fourth at 13.5 GB.

Paulie (#1A) vesus the red hot Tom (#4) is the matchup of the week!

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Three weeks to go until the playoffs and the teams are more bunched up than an accountant’s underpants on tax day!

Mitch had the best week of anyone, defeating John, 7-2, led by rookie find Jeremy Hellickson’s two wins and 0.69 ERA (0.54 WHIP). He also got a .391 average from Albert Pujols and picked up three stolen bases from all-star Chris Young. His team had a sparkling ERA of 2.18 and WHIP of 1.11. John had fantastic pitching too, with an astounding 2.09 ERA and microscopic WHIP of 0.98. Two starters, Adam Wainwright and John Santana had ERA’s of 0.00, as did his entire bullpen! Wow! As far as John’s hitters, well, let’s just say his pitching had a great week! Rumor has it, his batters were hanging with Jimmy Hoffa.

Jay put a hurtin’ on LC’s playoff hopes, topping him, 7-3. Jay slugged 18 homeruns, led by four each from Miguel Montero, who only had four all season, and rookie slugger Mike Stanton, who also hit .600. Juan Pierre stole three bases for Beatlejay’s squad. Larry had eleven stolen bases and picked up nine wins, led by Jon Lester’s two wins and 0.00 ERA. LC had no starters with an ERA higher than 3.00! Chris Johnson batted .409 for the Go All The Way’s.

Paulie doubled up Lew, 6-3 with a hitting show of 17 homers and 59 RBI’s. Alex Rodriguez hit four homers and drove in nine runs. Pat Burrell hit three homers and knocked in eleven, while the artful dodger, Scott Podsednik, hit .500. Ryan Dempster, who has given up two runs or less five times with no wins this year, picked up two victories and a 2.03 ERA. Lew was led with dueling .368’s by Yadier Molina and Joey Votto, who slugged it out on the field and at bat this week. Josh Hamilton hit .500 and despite not getting any wins, Ubaldo Jimenez had 18 whiffs for Lew.

Harry edged Tommy, 5-4, with a 1.75 team ERA and 0.88 WHIP! His Rasphillies were filled with hits from real Phillies, Jason Werth (.350) and Shane Victorino (.556) and got two wins from Ervin Santana. Cliff Lee had an ERA of 5.68 and his team ERA was still 1.75???? Yikes! That’s some pitching! Tommy’s team sported 2.33 and 1.26 stats, usually enough to win, but suffered an implosion week from previously unhittable JJ Putz, who sported an ugly 15.00 ERA. Andre Ethier hit .462 and the surprising Chris Denorfia hit .364 with two stolen bases. Michael Young hit three homeruns. I know TT’s computer issues hurt him this week, as he tied Harry in K’s, but had Felix Hernandez on the bench yesterday. King Felix still whiffed thirteen in an earlier start this week for the Tunester.

Rick and myself tied at 5-5 in a series that “couldnotbecloserâ€. Rick won the homers and stolen bases by one each and I won the WHIP by 0.01 and batting average by .003! Casey McGehee had two four hit games and hit .433 for Rick, while Matt Holliday was .455. Heath Bell had four saves for Rick. Derrek Lee must have gotten yelled at from his ailing grandfather, as once he played, he hit four homeruns in three days and Bobby Abreu (.524) and Joe Mauer (.478) were my top hitters. Edwin Jackson had a great 1.38 and 18 K’s, but didn’t get a win! Umm, who kidnapped Tim Lincecum? Lincecum had a 12.91 ERA in two starts and has now lost three starts in a row for the first time in his career. Josh Beckett put up his now expected 10.80 ERA. I need to separate those two in the dugout, as Beckett must have been rubbing off on him! Maybe that was Beckett wearing a Lincecum wig?

Jay is still on top, with Mitch, becoming the second player to win 100 games, in second at 12 GB. Rick is now 17.5 out in third and Paulie is 20 out in fourth.

Matchup of the week? We have plenty! Jay (#1) versus Mitch (#2) is the top number matchup, but Pat (#5) versus Tom (#7) and Paulie (#4) versus Harry (#6) seem more playoff important!

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Paulie had great expectations before the season, but now has them for the playoffs, as he streaked past Tom, 8-1, to take a four game lead in the ECL.

His line of 54-16-59 was led by five players hitting two homers each and a a sixth, Michael Young, hit three! Joe Mauer (.478) and Dan Uggla (.391) also had big weeks for him. Tom was led by a .500 average from Scott Podsednik and .412 from Nelson Cruz.

Lew pulled the upset, besting Frank, 7-3. Hanley Ramirez hit .400 for the Bundles Boys and Michael Bourn swiped four bases, as Lew looked like the marathon man, out stealing Frank, 14-11, in an extremely high stolen base total for each team. Jon Lester won two games for Lew's team with a 0.00 ERA. Frank was led by A-Rod's four homers and Asdrubel Cabrera's .435. John Santana had a 0.00 ERA for him.

Late in the afternoon on Sunday, I looked at my series against my pal, John. I was up 8-2 and was no less than two totals behind in the other two categories. I thought, "oh man, I hope I don't sweep him." YEAH, John beat me, 5-4! DOOOOH! Slap me in the face! Look at his batters....Abreu .524, Lind .400, Votto .368, Sandoval .360, Weeks .367, Werth .350! My team had three starters give up less than two runs and not get wins, but rookie Jeremy Hellickson got two for me. Derrek Lee had four homers.

Joe topped Marlene, 5-4, led by Albert Pujols .391 and Yuniel Escobar's .353. Ian Stewart hit .471 for Joe. marlene's team pitching was great with a 2.76 ERA and 1.13 WHIP. She had big hitting weeks from Josh Hamilton (.500) and Ryan Zimmerman (.409).

So, Paulie is in first by four games over me, Joe is seven out and John moves to 15 GB. Paulie, Pat, and Joe all topped the 100 win mark this week.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the matchup of the week is the redhot Paulie (#1) against Marlene (#7), who is very close to making the playoffs for the first time in her many years of playing here, as she is only 2.5 behind the six spot.

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Two weeks to go in the RBL until the playoffs and the teams are still closer than my ex-wives at an anti-Pat convention! Every series was close this week, topped out by Rick besting our reigning champion LC, 6-3. Rick was led by Evan Longoria’s 12 RBI and .393 average and had three pitchers with double digit K’s! Larry was led by Miguel Cabrera’s four homers and .348. LC did win the Met lottery of “who’s taking K-Rod’s placeâ€, however, as he grabbed Hisanori Takahashi off the FA wire. Which asks two questions: when was the last time we saw three Mets relievers get grabbed on the same day and why do I suddenly have a taste for Japanese Food? My pal LC needs a miracle now, as he is 10.5 out of the number six spot with 20 games to go.

Booyah Bested Bundles, 6-4, led by ten stolen bases (five by Jose Reyes, who hit .484). John’s other amazing Mets, David Wright (.393) and Johan Santana (16 K’s) were his leaders, as was the four saves picked up by Rafael Soriano. His staff picked up zero wins, which I can’t ever recall happening, however. Lew spun his magic wand, Wandy Rodriguez, to nail 16 K’s! His other “Red†hot players were the .429 of Brandon Phillips and .350 from Joey Votto.

When Harry met Paulie, we saw Paulie take it, 6-4, led by his name sake, Paul Konerko’s .440. Paulie had four pitchers who couldn’t miss(issippi) with double digit K’s for the week! Harry swiped twelve bases and had three homers from Adrian Gonzalez. His latest Phillie, Roy Oswalt was dealing with fifteen K’s.

Pat was singing a happy TUNE, when he beat Tommy, 5-3 in a great series that was back and forth all weekend in virtually every category. Omar Infante spoiled Lou Piniella’s retirement party with three homers and hit at a .433 clip for the week. Aramis Ramirez was a .393 for Pat, who also picked up two wins from Bronson Arroyo. Eight straight weeks (7-0-1) without a loss for the Take It Or Leave It's! Robinson Crusoe couldn’t have shipwrecked my team anymore than Robinson Cano did, as he hit four homers and had thirteen RBI with a .333 week for Tommy. Ryan Braun hit .389 and Felix Hernandez had eleven K’s for the Tunesmen.

Mitch topped Jay, 5-3, as Jason Heyward inflicted a little revenge on Jay’s team with two homers and a .500 average. It used to be Mitch Ryder, but it was Mitch Barns and the Detroit Wheels this week, as Justin Verlander (13 K’s) and Max Scherzer (14 K’s, two wins, 0.69) were the devils with blue dresses, definitely ON! Jay’s staff had 102 K’s, led by Daniel Hudson (19) and Clayton Kershaw (17), who both sported matching 1.93 ERA’s. Ian Desmond was Jay’s latest diamond, at .412!

Jay becomes the first to clinch a playoff spot, with Mitch in second place ten out and Rick in third at fifteen behind. Paulie is in fourth, 18 GB.

Two HUGE series this week, as Mitch (#2) takes on Rick (#3). Remember, second place gets a first round bye. Tommy (#7) takes on LC (#8) as they fight for their playoff lives. The winner of this series may not make the playoffs, but the loser is definitely out.

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It's a three team race for the two byes, not that there's anything wrong with that, in the ECL!

Joe had the best week, topping John, 7-2. Joe's homer happy bunch had 17 this week, led by four each from Robinson cano and Miguel Cabrera. He also had big K weeks from Clayton Kershaw and CC Sabathia, who each had 17. John saw twelve K's from CJ Wilson and a .350 from Joey Votto.

Pat beat frank, 7-3, with fifteen homers and a .304 team average for Pat, who saw a sweet .625 from David Ortiz and had four other regulars top .350. Thirteen was a lucky number for Pat, as three pitchers hit that in K's. Frank picked up nine wins, with three starters getting two each and the shocking Peter Moylan getting a pair. Jason Kendall stole three bases for the Let's Pretenders.

Paulie beat Marlene,6-2, led by Casey McGehee, who has more RBI's than any player in baseball since the allstar break and hit .368 this week. Wandy Rodriguez met all expectations with 16 K's and Rafael Soriano had four saves. Marlene's team average was a spectacular .324, led by Brandon Phillips .429 and tweleve RBI from Evan Longoria. She is "thisclose" to making the playoffs. Can you say, McCutcheon?

Lew edged Tom's Vox boys, 6-4 with twelve stolen bases! Jimmy Rollins had three and hit .308, while Max Scherzer gave him some headroom, with a sparkling 0.69! Tom had great weeks from his K-Rodless Mets, Reyes (.484) and Wright (.393) and Ted Lilly won his fourth straight game with an eleven K's shutout.

Paulie is the top dog, followed by Pat (4 GB) and Joe (6.5 GB). Only two games seperate John, Tom, and Frank for fourth and only 2.5 more with Marlene!

Pat (#2) versus Joe (#3) and Tom (#5) versus Frank (#6) are awfully big, folks!

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One week to go and four teams are in, with only two playoff spots left to be determined in the RBL. Some of us are ravaging the waiver wire to make the playoffs and some of us are saying , “are you ready for some football?â€

Jay clocked John, 8-1, to keep his stranglehold on first place. LC and I were chatting on the phone the other day and we believe that Jay was in first place from day one and never fell below it all season, an amazing feat! Beatlejay’s MVP candidate, Carlos Gonzalez, put up and awesome 8-4-11-1 .545 line this week and his new pickup, Howie Kendrick hit .400. It’s amazing that we all covet saves and Jay picks up Koji Uehara and he scores three of them for him! I think that is the most remarkable thing about Jay’s season in that he is never complacent with his roster, always tinkers with it, and keeps finding gems. John slugged twelve homers, four by the Reds new leadoff hitter, Jay Bruce (.412), but what killed him were dueling gruesome ERA’s of 21.60 by AJ Burnett and Leo Nunez. That’ll put a hurtin’ on your pitching!

Mitch made a statement for second place, blasting Rick, 8-2, led by three homers and a .379 clip from Albert Pujols. Stephen Drew chimed in at .500, but Mitch must be anxiously awaiting Manny Ramirez to hit Chicago to see if he feels like becoming “Playoff Mannyâ€. Despite an ugly WHIP of 2.25, Kevin Gregg had three saves and Carlos Marmol had two saves, with an 8.10 ERA for Rick. A great find for him, was Neal Walker, who had nine RBI’s and hit .346. (Did you ever notice how many of these “finds†wore the Take It Or Leave It colors at one time this year? Hmmmmm.)

LC topped Tommy, 6-2. I haven’t seen so many guys moving in and out of a home since I sat out in front of my ex-girlfriend’s house a few years ago! Wow! LC is giving it everything he’s got to make the playoffs! He had some great performances this week, but none better than the guy sewing names on the backs of uniforms! Hanley Ramirez stole four bases and hit .560 and Eric Young swiped three bases. Three saves for new closer Brandon Lyon and 21 K’s (another ex-TIOLI!) for Brandon Morrow. LC had five players hit two homers each and that wasn’t counting his acquisition of Ryan Rayburn last night. Tunes had to face fourteen different starting pitchers! Tommy got ten RBI from Martin Prado and had a sweet .440 from Jose Tabata. TT loves those lefthanded hitting catchers, as Jorge Posada hit .350 and John Jaso hit .412!

Paulie put on a hitting show (12 HR, 57 RBI) against me and ended my undefeated streak at eight, beating up on me, 6-3. Adam Laroche (ex-TIOLI!) hit two homers and had nine RBI and Paul Konerko hit .478. His catching tandem of VMart (3 HR, .417) and Brian McCann (.478) was unstoppable. Jonathan Papelbon had three saves for Paulie. My hitters performed a tribute to Foreigner, as they were “Cold As Iceâ€. Raul Ibanez hit .462, but no one else even hit .300! I had three RBI TOTAL for Saturday and Sunday! (Hey, who wrecked the shutout?) My bullpen did have a combined 0.00 ERA, though I’d rather have Rick’s ERA’s and the saves, as I only got two and both came Sunday.

The only close series of the week, saw Harry beat Lew, 5-4. Harry whacked sixteen homers and LOST the category! He got four of those from Jose Bautista (.500) and picked up three more from Carlos Lee. His pitching had 101 K’s, led by 18 from Tim Hudson and 17 from John Lackey (ex-TIOLI!). Bundles should have re-named his team “RUNdlesâ€, as they stole fourteen bases and hit 18 HR’s! Lew had three guys hit three homeruns (Fielder, Votto, Hamilton) and had nine RBI from Pablo Sandoval. Drew Stubbs stole four bases and hit .381, but they played the Cubs, so that shouldn’t count. One bad start from Kevin Correia, 24.30 ERA and 3.30 WHIP, destroyed his pitching, which only lost the WHIP by 0.01. Hate that, don’t I, Josh Beckett?

So, Jay is on top, Mitch is ten behind, and Paulie has now moved into third, twenty GB. Rick is in fourth, 21.5 off the pace, but all four have clinched the playoffs.

Myself and Harry has to be the matchup of the week, as we are both knocking on the playoff door and the only chance for Tommy or LC to make it is to basically have one of us beat the other 10-0 and they need to win their series, 10-0.

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I didn't forget my pals in the ECL, just had to run after writing the first one.

Ahh, the ECL, how perfect a league was this that we go down to the last week of the season and the person in last is only three and a half games out of the playoffs with ten to play? Anything can still happen here and that's what makes it enjoyable.

I didn't find much joy in Mudville when Joe stomped me, 8-2, this past week, however. He won all five of the offensive categories, led by a 57-15-56 line. Joe was topped by Steve swisher's .385 and big weeks from Albert Pujols (3 HR .379) and a nine run, ten RBI week from Andres Torres. I had two guys hit well, the extremely disappointing Ryan Braun was at .375 and Matt Holliday was at .333 Brett Myers and Johnathan Papelbon had nice weeks, but the rest of my team was on safari.

Lew quad-lew-pled Marlene, 8-2 with a big 57-20-53 week and his team hit .329! Hanley Ramirez was at .560 and he had big homer weeks from Jose Bautista (4) and Carlos Lee (3). Marlene was led by Josh hamilton's .391, three homer parad. She had four pitchers top double digit K's.

Vox put the shock to Frank, 6-2. Tom had a huge 49-14-48 total and he had four players hit two homers each. Carlos Gonzalez (.545, four HR) was his best. Frank had a nice week from casey Blake, who hit .333 with two homeruns and Johnny Cueto had a slick 1.13 ERA.

Paulie edged John, 6-4, despite John having a superior 55-16-59-10 week. Paulie won all five pitching totals, led by his 104 K's. He had big strikeout weeks from Brandon Morrow's 21 and Tim Hudson's 18. Brian McCann hit .500 for the Great Expectations. The Performance Enhancers flexed their muscles, with three HR from Joey Votto and had two homers from four others. Pablo Sandoval had nine ribbies and hit .481 and Stephen drew hit .474 for John.

So, Paulie is in first by four over Joe and they go head to head, which is unquestionably the matchup of the week. Pat is third, falling eight games out, after a dreadful week. Fourth place is currently Tom at 22.5 out, but it's all up for grabs this week, people!

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