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The great race car driver Ricky Bobby once said, “if you ain’t first, you’re lastâ€, well, my team sure as heck ain’t first, so we have taken over LAST!

Jay’s team just keeps on rolling, as he yawned past my team, 7-2-1. I had to play what I call “ghetto fantasy ball†just to get to that point by loading up on lousy pitchers on the last day, just to win the K’s against him. He literally beat me by seconds to picking up Troy Glaus and Glaus banged three homers and drove in seven against me. Congrats to Jay, who now has a ten game lead.

Lew topped Mitch, 6-3, led by 54 runs scored and ten RBI’s from Torri Hunter and nine from Kevin Youkilis. Ubaldo Jimenez continued his brilliant pitching for Lew’s team with two wins and a 1.13 ERA. Mitch had 12 SB, however, and Albert Pujols hit two homers, three SB’s, and batted .381.

LC beat John, 6-2, but just about every category was up for grabs. Lance Berkman had ten RBI’s for LC and Miguel Cabrera hit three homers. Kurt Suzuki hit three homers for John’s team.

Rick and Harry had a great series, which saw Rick win, 5-4. Rick’s team scored 66 runs and had ten SB’s, led by Michael Bourn’s eleven runs and Mike Napoli’s eight runs and eight RBI’s. Most people have said that rookie hurler Stephen Strasburg was scheduled to face the Pirates this week to get him on the right track, but rumor has it that Strasburg looked at our schedule and said, “pencil me in against the Take It Or Leave It’s on Tuesdayâ€â€¦..might he debut with a no-hitter?

Tommy’s team edged Paulie, 5-4, led by three homers each from Paul Konerko and Colby Rasmus and some great pitching (15 K’s 1.84) from Andy Pettitte. Tommy must have grit his teeth seeing his boy, A-Rod hit two homers, eight RBI’s, and bat .355 for Paulie .

Jay leads the pack with a sparkling 58-29-3 record, followed by Rick at 47-38-5 10 GB, then Mitch at 47-40-3 11GB, and Harry with 46-40-4 11.5 GB.

Top matchup of the week looks to be last year’s champion, LC, taking on Jay. Jay will have a minor league phenom of his own debuting tomorrow night with the Marlins call up of OF Mike Stanton.

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Paulie is the new leader in the ECL, as he smoked me, 7-3, to overtake my team for first. His 62 runs and four pitchers with ERA’s of 0.00 did the trick. Young Strasburg will debut for Paulie’s team Tuesday evening to add to that great staff of his. Ichiro Suzki stole four bases for my team.

Joe, 16-3 the last two weeks, blasted Lew, 8-1, winning all five offensive categories, led by fourteen homers and the surprise pitching of Javier Vazquez (two wins, 16 K’s).

Frank topped John in another great series, 5-4, despite losing Michael Cuddyer (two homers, .417, early) to the bereavement list. They were neck and neck all week. John was led by Ubaldo Jimenez’s great pitching.

Tom won his third straight series, besting Marlene, 5-4, despite Marlene’s 57 runs and 56 RBI’s. Tom swiped twelve bases and was led by Clay Buccholz’s terrific pitching.

Paulie is now 52-37-1 in first, followed by me (47-36-7 2 GB), then the streaking Joe (46-41-3 5 GB) and Frank (45-40-5 also 5 GB).

Joe and Frank (three versus four) looks to be the top matchup.

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Nothing to be proud of, but I suspect that "Bonehead Move of the Week (If Not Season)" belongs to me... in BOTH LEAGUES... because last Sunday morning I decided to finally pull the plug on one of my favorite players, Carlos Pena of the Rays... his average had sunk to .169 and he had maybe one home run in the past month... :yikes:

Well... that day he homers... of course he's on the waiver wire... he homers twice the next day... and once again the next... when he is "signed" by other teams... and he has continued homering all week... 7 in his past 6 games going into today... baby

Congrats to the recipients of my blunder... and a swift kick-in-the-pants to me... eye

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Week 13 saw plenty of blowouts and the end to two frustrating personal streaks for my Take It or Leave Its, but it also saw Jay still leading the RBL by ten games.

Rick blasted John, 9-0, led by twelve more K's from Stephen Strasburg. The pitching was close, however, as Rick edged the ERA by only 0.03 and the WHIP by 0.04. Those kind of losses drive me nuts! John was led by his new York Connection of Mark Texeira (.429) and David Wright (.438)

Mitch continued his hot play flying past the scorching Tommy Tunes (five straight series wins) by an 8-2 drubbing. Mitch won all five offensive categories and hit an even 100 in the K department and also had four homers from Albert Pujols.

LC topped Paulie, 7-3 led by Miguel Cabrera's .467. Dan Uggla hit .346 for Paulie and drove in eight runs.

Jay bested Lew, 6-3, to keep his stranglehold on first place, despite 19 home runs for Lew’s team. Jay continues to sparkle on the waiver wire as he picked up Raphael Furcal and he batted .538 with nine runs scored for him this week. Nice pickup, Jay! If I had picked up Furcal, he would have hit. 083.

My team ended an incredible nine straight weeks of not winning by topping Harry, 6-4. Oh, it didn’t come easy, as I led all week, but Harry put on a furious comeback and had tied me at one point on Sunday. I also ended a personal ridiculous streak when Zack Greinke picked up a win with an ERA of 6.75. As unbelievable as this sounds, in five years of playing, that is the first time a starting pitcher ever won a game for me by giving up more than four runs! Typically, on the same night, my opponent got a win from a guy with an ERA of 27.00, but this had been incredibly frustrating to me. Harry’s team got two wins from Cliff Lee.

So, Jay is leading the way with an 83-42-5 record. Mitch is second at 73-52-5 10 GB, then Rick 68-56-6 14.5 GB, and Harry is in fourth at 65-60-5 18 GB.

Matchup of the week has got to be Jay and Rick (first versus third). An interesting sidebar to this matchup is Jay has only lost one week out of thirteen so far and that was to Rick, so we will all be watching this one.

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When week thirteen started in the ECL, Pat and Paulie were tied for first. When it ended, neither was in first!

Joe’s team won their sixth series in a row (44-14 in that period) and took over the top spot with an 8-2 pasting of John. Joe’s team saw three starters have ERA’s of 0.00 and Joaquin Soria had four saves for him. John had a surprising tough week (8.25) from the unhittable Ubaldo Jimenez, but he still got him a win and twelve K’s.

Lew flew by Tom, 9-1, led by 59 RBI’s and three starters with ten K’s. Tom had three hitters with better than .400 and picked up two wins from reliever Matt Capps, by Lew was just on fire.

Frank’s great pitching was too much for Pat’s team, as he won 7-2. Johan Santana led the way and Andrew Bailey had three saves. Kerry Wood also shocked with two saves and a 0.00 ERA.

Marlene’s nine pitching wins beat Paulie, 6-3, despite Paulie hitting 100 on the K meter. Her staff of Wainwright, Nolasco, and Lee all had great weeks. Paulie’s Tim Hudson had 13 K’s and a 1.80 ERA. He also got three saves from Rafael Soriano.

So, Joe is the top dog right now at 74-52-4, followed by Paulie at 71-55-4 3GB. Pat hits third, the first time all season he is below second, at 67-53-10 4GB and Frank is in fourth at 65-58-7 7.5 GB.

Matchup of the week has to be Joe and Pat. Joe has won six straight series and the last team to beat him was Pat. Pat no likey being in third. We’ll let you know what happened!

Whew! Time to lay down!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Week fourteen saw all five series stay close, as the action is heating up as teams fight for playoff spots in the RBL.

Our predicted matchup of the week was just that, as Rick beat Jay for the second time this season, 5-4. Jay only has two series losses in the season so far and both of them are to Rick. Everyone will be keeping an eye on that for the playoffs.

Jay continued his mastery of the waiver wire picking up Lance Berkman, who belted three home runs for him and he re-acquired Carlos Quentin, who blasted six homers for him. Jay’s team also accumulated 99 K’s. Rick had five homers each from Matt Holliday and Buster Posey. Holliday also had twelve RBI and the rookie Posey had fourteen! Oh, BTW, Rick, any time you are ready to send Posey back to me, feel free. That was a loan, wasn’t it?

My team topped Lew, 6-3, as Aramis Ramirez woke up from his season long deep sleep and posted ten runs, four homers, nine RBI, and batted a slick .429. He had five homers all season prior to that! Now, if he can tap his teammate Derrek Lee…..Lew and I had a great series that was neck and neck all week, especially on Sunday. I was happy to win, especially considering that on the last day, I had four guys throwing and their lines? The best guy was scratched with an injury. The second guy was ejected in the second inning for arguing. A third guy was pulled with a shutout and a lead before he qualified for the victory in the fourth inning!!!! Don’t these managers know we play fantasy??????

Everyone named “Alex†was fighting for at bats in the Paulie over Mitch (5-4) series. Alex Rodriguez led Paulie with eight RBI and Alex Gonzalez had eight ribbies for Mitch. Paulie also got two surprise wins from Tom Gorzelanny.

Tommy beat John, 5-2, but every category was close save for Tom’s wins and John’s avererage. Tom got two wins from his Yankee boy CC and three homers from Martin Prado. John only had three pitching wins, but got two from his Met boy Johan. He got ten RBI’s from Adam Dunn.

Harry beat Larry in a scary close series, 6-4. Harry was carried by Adrian Gonzalez .435 and Carl Crawford’s tear(y) of four homers and nine RBI. Larry wanted to marry Alfredo Simon, who picked up three saves for him. I dare ye to pick the winner when these guys get together. BTW, who’s your favorite Raspberry?

This week’s best matchup looks like Mitch (#2) and Harry (#4).

Jay is still in the lead by ten games over Mitch, 13.5 over Rick, and 16.5 over Harry.

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Pat finally broke out the lumber in the ECL, as he hit 25 HR and had 72 RBI, led by five homers each from Matt Holliday and Buster Posey, but do Joe's starters EVER give up more than one run? Pat won all five offense and Joe won all five pitching categories, as they tied, 5-5. It's mindboggling to me how I lose the pitching week after week with six closers, both of last year's Cy Young winners, and three other all stars.

Paulie gained 1.5 games, as Pat and Joe beat each other up, as he doubled up John, 6-3. Carlos Quentin put up a 6-11-.538 line for Paulie. Miguel Olivo hit .563 for John and Joey Votto hit three homers in a losing cause.

Marlene beat Lew, 6-4, led by her always great pitching, but she also got four homers from Mark Teixera and Carl Crawford. Lew got four homers from Lance Berkman. Lew and I just pulled off a deal, with me sending him Alfonso Soriano and Jorge Posada for Justin Verlander in a deal that is a blockbuster.

Frank had his amazing pitching line (1.73 and 0.94) beat Tom, 6-3. Roy Halladay was 0.50 and Johan Santana put up a 0.00! (How did anyone get the run????) Tom was led by Adam Dunn's five homers, ten RBI's and .455 average, as AL teams line up drooling looking for him to be their DH.

Joe and Paulie (1 versus 2) going head to head this week. Hopefully, I do some sneaking up while they beat each other up!

Joe is on top over Paulie by 1.5, then myself at four out, and Frank six games behind.

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First, let me say thanks to all the boys here for their nice compliments about the updates. We have a lot of fun in both leagues and it would be great if we had some more players next year, particularly in the ECL (the free league).

Next, just to answer a quick question…it was asked how a player can hit .325 in the RBL and .300 in the ECL. No, I’m not drinking when I write these, the answer is that the same player may have sat out a game or two for the other owner, so the stats fluctuate from league to league. If they both use the same player the same amount, then, of course, the stats will be the same. (BTW, I’ve never used the word “fluctuate†on the internet before!)

Now, onto week fifteen!

I had the top total for the week in the RBL, as my team beat LC, 10-0. Despite it being a short week, my team put up 44 RBI, led by the fab four of Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, Raul Ibanez, and Hunter Pence, who all topped .300. After all four doing nothing for the first fourteen weeks, I thought there was more of a chance of the REAL Fab Four showing up than this quartet, but they stunned me! Bengi Molina led the way for LC’s team with six RBI and a .417 average. Molina was formerly my player and I got nice pitching from Bronson Arroyo and John Lackey, former players of LC. Funny how that works out.

Mitch beat Harry, 6-3, but with the exception of Mitch winning the batting .290-.241 and Harry topping SB’s, 9-5, every category was up for grabs. Mitch was led by his FA pickup, Gordon Beckham, who hit a sweet .636! Chase Headley hit .667 for Harry’s Rasphilles. (Both former players of mine! Maybe I WAS drinking when I dumped those guys?) Interesting stat in that both teams bullpens had ERA’s of 0.00!

Paulie and John had a low scoring affair, with Paulie winning, 4-2. You don’t often see four ties in a week (though, I usually do on Father’s Day…hey, where’s the snare drum?)Paulie had four hitters (Aubrey Huff, Lastings Milledge, and Ricky Weeks) top .400. John had terrific pitching (2.06 ERA and 1.09 WHIP) and was led by shutouts from Adam Wainwright and Barry Zito.

Tommy Tunes tied Beatle Jay, 5-5. After the sad week in the Yankee family, Tommy must have taken his Yankee boys aside and told them to win one for the Gipper, as he was led by Nick Swisher (.357) and dueling .333’s from Jorge Posada and Robinson Cano. While Jay had four homers (umm, wasn’t it a short week?) from Ryan Howard, he picked up another waiver/FA gem in Reds pitcher Travis Wood, who sported a 1.50 ERA. His recent FA’s Carlos Quentin (.400) and Rafael Furcal (.333) also had big weeks. No truth to the rumor that Jay is releasing his whole team and picking up all waiver guys for the remainder of the season, though knowing Jay, he’d probably still make the playoffs, doing that!

Rick continued his sizzling pace (23-5-2 in the last three weeks) and topped Lew, 9-1. His team batting average was an amazing .353! While he was led by Nelson Cruz’s .529, he had ten guys hit over .300 (and an eleventh hit .294)! Lew had a big week from Kevin Youkilis (.467), Pablo Sandoval (.500), Yadier Molina (.500) and Josh Hamilton (.385) but still it was not enough.

So, Jay is still on top, though two players have pulled with ten games, with Mitch 8.5 GB and Rick at 9.5. Harry is in fourth at 18 GB.

Matchup of the week is probably Jay (#1) versus Paulie (#5).

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Paulie ended Joe’s seven week (6-0-1) undefeated streak and took over the top spot with a 7-3 win in the ECL.

Paulie got great production out of his two catchers, Joe Mauer (.389) and Brian McCann (.385) and got his usual shutout win from teen phenom Stephen Strasburg. Joe saw the returning Carlos Beltran hit. 333. Both of these guys have done some tinkering with their rosters to start the week, so we’ll see how that pans out.

Pat beat Tom, 7-3, to regain second place. Carlos Pena hit .600 for Pat. Hey, thanks to the fantasy publication that said to sit out Pena this week. Let me make sure that subscription is renewed! Matt Holliday and Delmon Young each hit .500. Tom’s bats were scorching, as Gordon Beckham hit .643 and Nelson Cruz was at .529.

John’s Booyah Ballers blasted Lew, 8-2 led by twelve home runs (four from Ryan Howard). John looked like the second coming of Branch Rickey when he picked up CJ Wilson and he was 1.35 with ten K’s for him. Mike Napoli hit .455 and Pablo Sandoval hit .500 for him. Watch out for those Booyah Boys hiding in the weeds, people! Lew got homers from newly acquired Jorge Posada and Alfonso Soriano and had three stolen bases from Jimmy Rollins.

Marlene (the machine) rolled over Frank, 9-1, winning her third series in a row, led by the Molina boys, Yadier (.500) and Bengi (.417). Her hitting was heavenly, led by Angels Juan Rivera (.400) and Howie Kendrick (.389). Frank had a very uncommon high ERA of 6.17, with three hurlers over ten. His pitching is often flawless and he still got a nice effort from Johan Santana on Sunday. He did have three hitters top .400.

So, Paulie has reclaimed first, with Pat two behind and Joe 2.5 out. Frank is in fourth at 10.5 GB.

Matchup of the week has got to be Paulie (#1) and Pat (#2).

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