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EC.com Fantasy Baseball League 2010


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(I think) I'm counting 10 teams in total between the TWO leagues, 11 if we lead The Little Tunester down the road to ruin. Hell, it'd be Tommy's money ...

I'll do the $ league. I think Marlene's the same. Does that make it easier?

10 team money league. Or 11, we could find another to get to 12 teams to keep Joey in.

But I'm not offering Spike up. He stays busy enough with about a half-dozen public leagues that I never hear the end of.



And be forewarned, you guys are EXPECTED to fill out a college hoops bracket.

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I think we will be okay to have two leagues. We are waiting to hear from Paulie and Lew Bundles, who both have been in the money league since it started, so I would imagine they will join again. You are certainly welcome to join us in that, too, though. Spoke to LC this morning and we are just waiting on a few more confirms to register for dates, drafts, rosters size, etc.

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If anyone has any ways to get hold of our friend Paulie, please do so. I have posted here, checked his myspace (which he hasn't been on in months), tried to email him, and tried to call him (the number is now disconnected) and still have not found him. Does anyone know if he has a Facebook? He just checked in here a few weeks ago in this thread, so I'm going to assume he wants in, but LC needs to book the draft, so we need to hear from him ASAP.

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So, it looks like we are set in the RBL with the same ten players as last year. Kudos to keithnivan (Vox) for offering to go where we needed him!

We have eight players for the ECL, which according to LC is okay. We need to get confirms from Tommy and Jay if they want to make it ten, otherwise we will go with the eight, as it has to be an even number of teams to play. Boys?




Tommy Tunes


John (angelina)




Lew Bundles





Joey (TT's son)


John (angelina)



Lew Bundles

Tommy Tunes (maybe)

Jay (maybe)

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Draft dates for the two leagues:

RBL (money league)

Friday, 03/26/10, 7:30 PM Central, 8:30 PM Eastern

ECL (fun league)

Sunday, 03/28/10, 6:00 PM Central, 7:00 PM Eastern

Invitations to those that responded have been sent. Please sign up officially as fast as possible, so we can set draft positions. (I sent one to both Tommy and Jay for the ECL, in case their "maybes" turn to a "yes".)

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A couple of changes/differences for this year:

In both leagues, there will be 14 active hitting spots. Last year, the ECL (fun) only had one catcher spot, but both leagues will allow for two.

The RBL (pay) will have ten active pitchers, five starters and five relievers. The ECL (fun) will have eleven active pitchers, four starters, four relievers, and three of your choice. LC and I discussed the pros and cons of each and we felt because of money being involved versus fun, this was the best way to go for each league.

Both leagues will have a five man inactive bench. It is the managers choice on how those spots are used.

The DL will allow for three spots.

Daily roster changes will be allowed in both leagues, unlike last year's ECL.

One very different rule that we added, and we hope this works, is that when you pick up a free agent they are available to you immediately instead of the next day. We are assuming this also affects the DL, with immediate activation.

With regard to trade complaints (how you doing, Tommy? Just kidding, buddy!) The rival managers have one day (that's one day ONLY!) to complain to the commissioner and there must be a two thirds vote to overturn a deal that everyone deems unfair. Only the commissioner will know how you vote or if you complain.

Play ball!

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