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EC.com Fantasy Baseball League 2010


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Larry and I spoke often at the end of last season about thoughts for next year. I would be in as many as people want to play, but one thing I can guarantee is that I will not play if the rule is "set your lineup at the start of the week and no changes are allowed". That is absolutely ridiculous! I remember once having only eight hitters playing against thirteen at one point last season, due to injuries, benchings, etc, but watching my guys glued to the bench having a great week.

I can understand that some want a money league and some want a fun league and like I said above, I'll be in both, but I am standing firm on the rule above. If that rule exists in either of the leagues, I have zero interest in playing in that league.

TT, I tried to call you back yesterday and left a message with your secretary. Hope you got it!

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Hell TUNES, it's a bad idea for you to be in either... since you always seem to kick my butt!!! wink

Seriously, I will be interested in either and/or both formats, though I too tend to not like the once-per-week set up.

After the success I had after my name change in football, SUNRISErs will henceforth be no more. "Great Expectations" seems more hopeful anyway... laugh

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Okay, spoke with LC at length tonight and here is what we came up with so far:

We will attempt to have two leagues again. One will be a money league (Raspberries Baseball League) at twenty dollars per person and the top three will win money (amounts TBD). Everyone MUST be paid as quickly as possible, as LC informed me that some people still have not paid for football, which ended months ago!!!!!! That CANNOT happen here, it simply is not fair to the others. We will give you a deadline on when the money is due.

We will try for a second (fun) no money league (Eric Carmen League). We must get ten people to commit to this league or it will not happen. LC is not going to be involved in this one, so I will be the commissioner, unless anyone has any complaints....so, umm, no hard feelings!

We need your verbal commitment here by Sunday, 03/07/10, as to which league (or both) that you want to be in.

Most people were in both last year. We cannot set up a draft day or roster sizes until we know how many people are playing, so please announce here whether you want to be in the RBL (pay), ECL(free), or both.

We encourage all that want to play, to do so, even if you have never been in before, though I suggest the free league for newbies.

The one change we insist on making is that daily changes will be allowed in BOTH leagues. Last year in the free league, you could only change your lineup once a week and it was a disaster with injuries, benchings, etc

The ten categories for head to head weekly matchups will be the same: HR, SB, RBI, R, AVE, W, SV, K, WHIP, ERA.

So, let's play ball!

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Hi Pat & LC...I'll be in both leagues (heck someone needs to finish near the cellar). facebook or personal message the address...and I'll immediately send out the payment to you Pat. BTW..Kudos to LC & Pat for coordinating this.

Also for those who've never done fantasy league...it really is quite a lot of fun..try the free league..it's addictive!



what's this? a trade offer from Tom Tunes already? spin

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