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Big Star vs. Raspberries


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Creepy-funny!! Sort of pares down those hipster personalities to their respective lowest common denominators.

You can like both groups, though.

In my head, that ancient comparison/conflict is an "Apples-Oranges" proposition. As a grade schooler, I heard the older kids in my neighborhood play both, and it never occurred to me to compare them.

In the end, Eric's music ruled the 1970's, while Big Star did that decadent, self-destructive "Big Star Thing", an update on that time-honored Southern practice of "Losing (their) Religion".

Big Star and Raspberries, to me, are two different things. Both gooooooooood.

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A footnote: It still erks me that I wasn't a hip enough 7 year-old to beg my Mom and grandparents to take me to see the Raspberries play King's Island's Timberwolf Ampitheatre in the summer. That would have been an ultimate memory to carry with me!!

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