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Nice 'Berries MP3 Combo


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Bernard - but are we not getting any presents this year? I got up especially for this treat, as I am All By Myself this Christmas (since mom is in the rehab facility getting her back strong again!) I'll keep logged in today just in case of a box flying up on the screen! Merry CHristmas everyone who celebrates!

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Ok, dumb question. First, I'm at work, with my laptop which is a total no-no. I felt I had to do it because last year, by the time I got home at 10:30 all of the goodies were gone so I didn't get any! Anyway, I am having to be super-sneaky (and naughty!!!) and I'm having a heck of a time finding the goodies. My question is--are they all on the picture or are there some that are on the white part??? It's like, everything I click gives me Berry Mash. It's great of course, but when I hear of people finding 5 gifts, I get a little jealous.

Anyway, I'll be toast if the head nurse discovers me!! So, help quickly if possible or leave the goodies here until at least midnight central time! Pretty please??!!

Merry Christmas Blessings,


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elle4ec said:

Ooh! GATW ballad...Eric :wub: and a ballad...the world's most perfect combination!

Yes, Elle!

It was really great to hear the backing vocals/harmonies to GATW. They are so beautiful. Kinda gave me "chills."

I just loved hearing: "Being alone with you" along with the lead vocal---"Being with you here, tonight." So cool. I adore backing vocals.

And then it was fun to sing the lead vocal with the backing vocals and sing the backing vocals along with the backing vocals. Yeaaaaah, "little amuses the innocent." I can entertain myself with no problem. :)

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