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David Prater Claims To Have Produced "Hungry Eyes"

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OMG, i didn't know that u are David Prater!!! LOL, i've been talkin' 2 u the whole time and didn't know that it was you! I would just like 2 say that u did a really very wondeful job on producing Hungry Eyes, i really luv it. When i 1st listened 2 the demo, i had no idea that it wasn't Eric Carmen. LOL, i'm only 16 years old and i'm crazy about music from the 80's. It must be weird that i luv 60's, 70's, and 80's music @ a very young age. I think i'm even the youngest board member on EC.com, LOL!!! :):):)

I want the Hungry Eyes demo so badly 4 my MP3 player! :P:D

Your Friend, :)


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Tony Cartmill said:
"When I was sixteen, and sick of school,

I didn't know what I wanted to do.

I made assumptions, I left a message,

That's Rock and Roll!" :)

That's really funny, LOL!!!!! I'm definetely 16 years old and i'm sick of school!

The version i sang on my 16th b-day went a little like this:

Well I am 16, and sick of school

I don't what I want to do

I bought a CD, I loved it truely

That's rock and roll :D

It's a little weird, LOL!!! :)

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Eric Carmen said:

I bought a guitar

I got the fever....

That's rock 'n roll.......

I'm think I'm coming down with fever :blush: just thinking about you singing those lines as you are posting...I wish we had video-posting capabilities... :heartpump:

Can I check-out from school early ,"Professor" :wub: Carmen?

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On 11/6/2014 at 8:05 AM, Raspbernie said:

The broken links are remnants of the old Message Board. Many were lost when I upgraded to the current one. I still have all of the files, so it's just a matter of looking hard enough.

Nice to hear that the files are still safe!

Whenever you have time it would be appreciated, thanks in advance :)

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