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Billy Joel Trying to Sing Like Bruce Springsteen

Early Wynn

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Did anyone see the R&R Hall of Fame show last night on HBO? I'm actually sorry I stayed up to watch the entire thing. But it was funny hearing Billy Joel trying to sound like Bruce Springsteen on Born to Run. Billy did do a good version of New York State of Mind. Was John Fogerty wearing the same shirt he used to wear with CCR? Jagger did a nice job on Gimme Shelter. Graham Nash should have slipped in a Hollies song...Carrie Anne would have sounded good. I could have done without the Jeff Beck set...it was pretty boring (IMO). It would have been good to have Rod Stewart come out and sing People Get Ready instead of Sting. And Ray Davies looked like an old man...oh wait a minute, he is an old man.

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You are pretty much spot on with the review equaling my thoughts, but I don't regret watching it. Beck's set was a snore fest. Jagger and Fergie spiced it up, and even though Fergie did a great job singing, I think she was a little afraid to dance off with the Mick, who's eyes lit up when he saw her coming towards him! LOL Nice to see some big stars taking a back seat, so their heros could get some props, like Dion Dimucci and Sam Moore. Ozzie needed to drop one more "f bomb" to make it a hundred times in his two songs, I think. How sad was it when Stevie Wonder just broke down for an entire verse of the Michael Jackson song? Maybe not worth four plus hours, but still entertaining, IMO.

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