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2012: Have You Seen It? Do You "Believe" In It?

Paulie Mississippi

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Saw 2012 the movie last night. Not a bad movie for a disaster flick... pretty much the story I expected. As my wife pointed to me, many preposterous moments that we are supposed to swallow on the way to the ending they wanted to tell...

For the uninitiated, 2012 is the story of the end of the world, as predicted by the ancien Mayans, among others. 12-21-2012 to be precise... do you have plans? Are you making arrangements for some great escape of doom... or at least to be with those you love... just in case?

That's my out strategy... just in case, you know... to make sure my wife and I are together... where ever we might choose to face eternity... yet to be determined. And if we live to see 12/22... so much the better... laugh

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No Paulie...I didn't see it...and to be honest...I don't believe it one bit. I was reading an article about it in work...and according to scientists who have been studying the Mayan calendar, it seems that there are loads of discrepencies in the calendar. They also say that the planets will not be in alignment on that date, and even if they were there would be no cause for concern because they have been aligned in the past and nothing even remotely suggesting an Armegeddon has happened.

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