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Five Years Ago


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Ain't that the truth, Marlene!

You know every once in a while I get to thinking that maybe, just maybe, someone made a deal with the devil to pull the whole thing off.

I trace back the slow demise of my relationship to that fateful day that I made plans to go to that concert (I was going, and that was that)...and look at how many other relationships have fallen apart within our "community" over the last five years???? Hmmmm, so who was it....I have an ideal but I'll keep it to myself. So, was it worth it, deal with the devil maker????

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Those were just fantastic photos! Thanks for your excellent work. Most of them I have never seen before. I came to know Raspberries only shortly before that concert. But one can only hope that there will be a concert down the road. It would be a good thing for the band and many others! Put it on your prayer list or think positive thoughts toward that goal!


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5 years ago I thought I was "All by Myself" when it came to being an EC and Berries fan,especially living in New Zealand. Then one day nearly 4 years ago, just for fun, Muzza Googled "Eric Carmen" and the rest as they say is history.

Since then we have both joined this "family",visited America twice and met some truly wonderful people and actually met Eric Carmen and Jim Bonfanti.

We have also become the largest exporters of Choc Fish in New Zealand!! :):):)

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