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Steven Tyler quits Aerosmith..Oh No


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Publicity Stunt...A little vacation to recover from his fall off stage, maybe a silly reality show...then a staged reunion with the boys to boost ratings...

And for more publicity, Tyler has a torrid tabloid affair with that Kate Goslin chick with the freaky hair along with a couple of Boob-job Kardashian sisters, to help extend their inexplicable 15 minutes of fame, while at the same, boosting sales of another Aerosmith "Comeback Album"...

And the decline of Western Civilization continues... Indifferent

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I had heard rumblings last week that he was getting thrown out of the band and now the report is he quit. Joe Perry is releasing his fifth solo album soon, too, and wants to tour to promote it.

I hate when bands switch singers. Stay together, but call it something else. I don't want to see Adam Lambert or someone like that fronting Aerosmith.

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