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Wally on John Lemonis Album


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Thanks Gene for the heads up!

I went to John Lemonis' website and saw that Marvin, MAM, Don Krider and Popdude posted some pretty positive comments regarding his music. It's hard to find good Christian music (at least for my taste) but I'm still always looking out for it.

I ordered Lemonis "Living Proof" album based on Marvin & others' great reviews of the song "You're The Only One".

If I remember, I'll come back sometime with a review.

Thanks again Gene..


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During our trip to America earlier this year we had the privilege of staying with John and his family in Nashville.

We also got to hear a pre-production cut of the new album, "The Glory of You" We were able to tell which tracks Wally played on without John even telling us. We got 3 from 3!!!!

Anyone interested in Johns music go to lemonismusic.com

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That's Mark Harris doing a cover of John's song. John's version is on his new album. In regards to John's new album, Wally is all over it. Some really good songs and of course GREAT guitar work. John and Wally share the guitar chores. The engineer, Chris Latham, also played on one of the tunes and just nailed the Brian May "Queen" sound to a T. Some tasty stuff there.

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