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The Three "E"s - 1/3 Eric, 1/3 Elvis, 1/3 Eddie

Tony Cartmill

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To: Tony's Son

From: Uncle James

Date: October 30, 2009

RE: Middle Age Stalker Chicks

Welcome to the certain few males (James, possibly Eric Carmen and for sure now you) that are at risk from stalker chicks. Bessie arrgh...she's your first, but she will not be your last.

Because your father has no experience in chicks stalking him, you will have to go elsewhere for advice on this problem.

The best solution is to insulate yourself in a harem. It has worked for me. By the way, my harem is called "The James Harem". I made up the name myself.


Welcome to the club, and I think you rock!

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Hey Cameron.. my man!!!! Neat pic dude. spin I think you are going to be far more talented than your dad who is reasonably talented. grin Keep practising and one day you'll make more money than any of the 3 "E"s and then your daddy will be REALLY happy. laugh

Your Friend Muzza cool

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