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Taylor Swift Concert at Quicken Loans Arena

Eric Carmen

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I just got back from the show. In a nutshell. Paul looked and played like a true rockstar. The entire show was perfect. Taylor was incredible. The band was tight. The staging and lighting were spectacular. The sound was great.

I have not seen an artist get a response from an audience like Taylor did in a very, very long time. THEY LOVED HER!!!!! And with good reason.

Never in my life have I seen a nineteen year old with the poise and command of the stage she exhibited. I've got to tell you, she OWNED the place.

20,000 seats. Sold out. Brilliant from start to finish.

Folks, she's the real deal. This girl is going to be around for a long, long time. She smart, talented, a great performer, a terrific songwriter, beautiful, and, most importantly, she totally connects with her audience. You can not help but love her. She's shy and sweet offstage, but when that spotlight hits her, she's got as much self-assurance and charisma as Tina Turner.

I went with my kids, and my brother and sister-in-law and their kids, and we were all just blown away (along with the other 20,000 people there).

I am so proud of Paul, I could bust, right now. It was quite an evening.

Oh, and, for the last part of the show, Paul wore his Raspberries t-shirt!

If she comes to your town, DON'T MISS HER!

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Paul went and grabbed Taylor's dad, backstage, and he came over and we talked for almost a half hour while we moved through the autograph line. He was soooo nice and I think his opening words to me were "I grew up listening to all of your songs. YOU changed the world. That's what Taylor wants to do."

The most amazing thing about her, to me, is the way she can walk on that stage and completely reveal her personality, with her words, her facial expressions and her body movement. Most people would have to train for years to be able to do that. She's not only a singer, songwriter, she's an actress, as well. And a very, very good one! I don't know how that comes naturally to a nineteen year old.

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I'd love to have been there. It's so good that the stars lined up and Paul got this gig with such a talent. He is at the top and deserves it. Taylor really seems to have a great family. I hope she is around for a long time. The industry needs a bonafide talent with class for a change.

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Thanks for the fantastic review of Taylor's show, Eric. It's very exciting. Ultra ultra cool that Paul wore his Raspberries shirt!

Taylor's dad is either a musician or has great musical talent as well as taste. He recognized the caliber of your music and noted that Taylor wants to follow suit. What a spectacular compliment!

I first heard Taylor on XTU (I think it was Tim McGraw she was singing) and I had the same kind of reaction as when I first heard Raspberries on the car radio. I just stopped and what I heard knocked me out. Everything--the playing, her voice, the depth of the music and the song--just said, "this is WAY above everything, on a totally different plane." Just like I did with Raspberries. In that second, I just KNEW she was going to make it.

I'm so glad for Paul's success in getting this gig! He belongs right on stage with her and looks fabulous as well.

Thanks for the great account!


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She's definitely here for awhile...I think Paul has some job security. I'm happy for Paul. I remember when he posted that he had an audition for Taylor Swift's band...as we wished him luck, how could we have known what a life changing audition that was going to be. It's great to see Paul have the success that he deserves...nice guys do finish first sometimes.

I'm also happy to see that Swift's father is an Eric Carmen fan...that's refreshing. I don't know if she records anything that she didn't write, but I've long thought she would be perfect to cover some of EC's music. Think about it...her core audience is teenage girls. What did EC say was one of the Raspberries biggest problems?...teenage girls loved them but their older brothers wouldn't listen to them. Her audience would love EC music...most of them just don't know any of it. Here's some of my suggestions:

Let's Pretend...slow version...unless they think the "So take me now My love can't wait" line doesn't fit her image...it could be edited, I guess

Someday...a female version could be as popular as Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats"...I also think a concert video would be perfect with her young friends (Kelly Pickler, etc.) singing harmony on the back end of the song.

Heaven Can Wait...perfect song for her and her audience...

I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips...perfect uptempo song for her and her audience...

Boats Against The Current...she's good, but I can't imagine anybody topping EC's version...still, that song deserves a bigger audience and her fan base would love it if they ever heard it...it could be the monster hit that it should've been for EC...

I'm sure there's more, but that's a start. Many of EC's songs are too mature for Taylor Swift right now, but several of them are perfect for her and her fans...IMHO...what do y'all think?

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"Never in my life have I seen a nineteen year old with the poise and command of the stage she exhibited. I've got to tell you, she OWNED the place... she's got as much self-assurance and charisma as Tina Turner."

(Originally posted by Eric)

When I first saw Raspberries, I saw exactly those qualities onstage and it just knocked me for a loop. Poise, self-assurance, owned-the-place charmisma--the works. And you guys weren't much older--21 or 22.

It comes from a dyed-in-the-wool love of what you're doing, a total belief in your music and yourelf and a talent so natural that it's just a part of you--it comes from your core. In short, you live it.

That's exactly what she has. That's exactly what Raspberries and your solo music has always had. It's undeniable, it's palpable, it's "electric." And artists who have it always recognize it easily in another artist who does. That's what stops me dead in my tracks when I hear it on the radio for the first time.


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