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The 100 Greatest Live Albums of All Time

Keith Nivan

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Neil Diamond's "Hot August Night" is a masterpiece. It's a compilation of the artists best music, performed in the artists best vehicle (live) from the artist's best era. And the artist is as good a singer/songwriter as we've had in the last 50 years. It was listed toward the bottom, but I think should be right up at the top.

And REO Speedwagon's "You Get What You Play For" ( from 1977, prior to the band's 80s stuff that was inferior to their early music).....it's double album, wall-to-wall greatness and wasn't even listed. It too should be up toward the top.

IMHO, of course..

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Keith, I agree that #29, "From Elvis In Memphis" is a landmark album , recorded in 1969 at The American Recording Studios in Memphis(about 15 minutes from Graceland), produced by Chips Moman and utilizing some of the most talented backup musicians and singers in the business at that time.These are the sessions that gave the world In The Ghetto,Kentucky Rain,Don't Cry Daddy, and of course, Suspicious Minds.My only comment on all this is that this album is NOT A LIVE performance.It's a studio album,recorded,edited,mixed in the studio.So maybe there is a disqualification here.

There was a live Presley concert recorded at the Mid-South Coliseum in 1976, but Elvis was starting to show signs of illness already, and it really is not one of his best performances,as much as it pains me to say as much.

My vote for best live Elvis Album would be 1968's Elvis TV Special, now referred to as the "Comeback Special". This was recorded during several shows in front of a live studio audience at NBC Studios in Burbank,CA.However, the quality of the material is stellar(in my opinion).

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To some degree, I agree with Fresh. The "68 Special" is without a doubt, an exceptional showcase of the man and his magic on top of his game. However, a close second is "Aloha From Hawaii"! It is poignant in that only 4 years later the man would have left the building and left us with his body of work.

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"Elvis- Aloha From Hawaii via satellite" is another landmark album,but because it represents the first time an entertainer was beamed "live via satellite" around the world.It has been estimated that over one billion people watched that transmission live, a world record I believe that still stands to this day.Unfortunately, we in the United States watched it several months later as a taped tv special.

Trivia: The live show beamed on January 8th, 1973. Elvis' birthday!

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