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Anyone Go To Saturday's Indians Game?


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Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping someone out there might have an "extra" Diving Grady (Sizemore) Bobblehead from Saturday's game ~ I've been collecting the Grady Bobbleheads for the past couple years, and sadly I wasn't able to go to Saturday's game, at the last minute we had a change of plans frown I've tried eBay (or should I say evilbay, lol!)and keep getting outbid literally at the very last 40-60 seconds (two different auctions),

it's totally crazy and very frustrating lol!! eek

I have a couple spare (MIB) Grady bobbleheads along with the "Wild Thing" Rick Vaughn bobblehead for a possible exchange (would exchange one bobblehead of your choice!),

if anyone is interested please PM me ~ I'll be forever grateful lol!! Thanks so much for reading my post (hope it's okay to post this!)!! wink

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You might want to try getting in touch with the Indians customer service staff. Most of their games are pretty empty, so they might just give you an extra one that is laying around. Just say you are a big time fan and couldnt; make the game. I had a friend get a Magglio Ordonez bobblehead once (when he was on the White Sox) just because he called them up and asked for it. I actually drove down to the team offices and got it for his kid.

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