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RNR Hall Of Fame Nominees

Rich From PA

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It took years to wear Jan down enough to allow KISS in, so maybe he's softening his hardline a bit. Not surprising, especially after all of the controversy surrounding the Dave Clark 5 induction. Word was that he really liked the Raspberries set at the Rock Hall induction dinner last year, so who knows?

On the other hand, the 'berries don't have a pitbull like Gene Simmons calling Jan at home and at the office every day... smirk

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Its political poo-poo Rob the voting process for the fame has become very frustrating for such remarkable talents such as the raspberries and Chicago also and many others

I had forgotten about Chicago.What do those guys have to do after 40 successful years in the business and still performing.They have like 3 greatest hits albums now.I really amazes me.

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I've been dying to post on this topic since Wednesday, but the site wasn't allowing me to log in (Wierd grumpy but THANK YOU Bernie for helping me get back in!)

I happened to visiting former Hollie Terry Sylvester at a show in Massachusetts on Wednesday, and I had the honor of being the first to tell him of the nomination.

He was VERY excited to hear the news, and he announced it to the crowd that night - there was a truly rousing reception when he shared the info.

What The Hollies has going for them is that they are the only nominee with a strong presence in the 60's (as well as Terry's era from 1969-74). The others are mainly 70's/80's artists.

My picks are :

The Hollies



KISS and

(begrudingly...under political pressure) LL Cool J

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The only thing I can see that even connects Laura Nyro to rock

is that Three Dog Night did covers of her songs. But, with that in mind......Hoyt Axton would be a better choice....or perhaps 3 Dog themselves...

And who are the Chantels? Sounds like one of those "15 minutes of fame" groups.

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