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Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs In Concert

Rich From PA

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Have a great time, Rich. I had every intention of seeing them in Chicago this past Saturday night, but their tix were a little too steep for my blood ($42.00 plus service charges) considering the Pernice Brothers were only charging fifteen (something came up and made me miss that, too, though!)

I have loved Susanna's music for years, as a Bangle and as a solo artist.

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I only got to see Matthew once solo. Seemed like my job always kept me from being able to go when he came through.

I saw the Thorns a few years back. The day of the show they performed at a record store in the afternoon. My wife and I were lucky enough to be seated five feet in front of them. Afterward they signed the CD, and I had Matthew sign a copy of "In Reverse". I also bought Power Pop Volume 2 that day. Don't think he saw that in my hand, otherwise a Raspberries conversation should have evolved. BTW Matthew shakes hands like a man. I hate a wimpy handshake.

Have a great time at the show Rich. Maybe a litle critique afterwards. Thanks.

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You'll love their show. Very informal; Matthew being very witty between songs, with Susanna sort of occasionally chiming in like the reticient English major she is. However, it is their harmonies which must be experienced in person to be believed!!

They make the Everlys sound like the Shaggs by comparison haha Seriously, there's something special going on when they sing together.

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