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Best EC Raspberries Vocal Performance

Brian Mc Carthy

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i have learned most of the raspberries repertoire over the years...and I would have to say that Go All the Way I think Eric's performance on it is spectacular....The melody is a jumping half-tone obstacle course...it is extremely difficult to sing (pitch-on)...Eric sneaks keychanges in without the listener actually noticing, then swings back to home key again inconspicuously....melody lines over changes like that are rare in rock, and most rock singers would not be able to be both accurate, AND interpret such a gutsy performance....the finally minor breakdown at the end (outro) in itself is mini masterpiece both vocally and musically...


P.S. Maybe I"ll try this one on my bathrrom session series next!

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There are so many good ones that choosing any one is pretty tough. If I had to pick however, the run in "If You Change Your Mind" registers spinal chills like no other. And, like simone', I have to go with, "I Can Remember," the Raspberries masterpiece. Eric really romps on "Starting Over," an all time favorite, too.

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