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The Long And Winding Road


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I know Eric could nail it...I know he could add something to it...His classical influences would only help him make a cover of this song that is worthwhile and relevant...So many covers are just covers...Just different...but not really in a significant way artistically...I think it's high time that Eric Carmen take his classical influences all the way...and finally make the record he's been wanting to make all along...His way.

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Dan, I agree with that.

We fans speculate, and as a fan, my gut has always felt that Eric Carmen's best album is yet to be written, or released - that the album would be more heavily imbued with his classical influences, a la his own "All By Myself", Elton John's "Tonight" or even Neil Diamond's "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" album. All 3 of these beautifully fused classical with pop.

A classical foundationed album would be so cool..

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