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Welcome Back, my "Sweet Baby J..a..m..e..s"!


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I can't believe you're here, "Master James" LuvLove !!

I was so worried some of those second-class harem babes had gotten the best of you...

Here's a lullaby I'd like to sing to you in person while clipping your toenails :liplick: ...but, alas, I suppose I'll have to settle for sending you the video:

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Gosh, thanks Elle. I'm touched!

But one thing (all chicks should pay attention here):

I don't mean to seem ungrateful, but rules are rules, and you have forgotten some of the protocol/talent requirements for The James Harem members:

1. No talking (or singing) while clipping James' toenails

2. James Harem members must be able to clip James' toenails, while at the same time not get in the way of the TV.

3. James Harem members must time out at world class levels in the beer fetching time trials.

4.Mandatory retirement at 19 years old (though the current James Harem class is very good, and I'm considering extending their retirement age to 20. That's it though. Chicks are over the hill at 19. After 20 their down-hill trajectory is tantamount to jumping off a cliff).

Anyway, I know these are demanding requirements, and virtually impossible for most females to keep (especially the one about not talking).

But then again, The James Harem is not just any harem..


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Okay, James, you've made me painfully aware of your Harem's rules once again...

At least I am now a "premier member" of TOMMY TUNES, "TUNESETTES",...but a girl can always dream of having a harem master like you...

Oh, and by the way, "Master TOMMY" LuvLove loves it when I talk....

...especially when I talk dirty to him wink:liplick:eye

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Hi Tunes, and thanks! You know I'm a big fan of you and your operation, The Tunesettes.

In fact I'm so impressed with your operation that I've directed The James Harem's business manager to begin negotiations for a formal business relationship between The Tunesettes and The James Harem.

The way I envision this relationship working is The James Harem will utilize The Tunesettes as kind of a farm system (Triple A of course), for remedial work on females that don't quite yet qualify for entry into The James Harem. Your current roster (while solid) across the board seem to already fit this profile.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a long and prosperous business relationship between our two entities..



Chief "Operating" Officer

The James Harem

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