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Quarterbacks in Danger...

Paulie Mississippi

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A couple of nights ago Tom Brady hurts his throwing shoulder... of course his coach, Bill Belecheck refuses to assuage his teams fans and reporters by being forthcoming about the extent of the injury. His dodging and weaving while refusing to give a direct answer to a direct question regarding Brady's injury reminds me of the prototypical polotician at work... and of course reminds me that Coach Bill was at the center of the biggest cheating controversy to hit the NFL in decades... Brady's a good guy and all, and I hate to see anyone hurt... but he's gonna get his money and so long as the Patriots have a liar and cheat for their coach, I hope they continue to suffer...

Meanwhile last years replacement for Brady, Matt Cassell, who got a huuuuuge pay raise and then got traded to Kansas City to lead the Chiefs to the promised land... gets his leg hurt in a game last night and now he too is questionable for the coming season... The Chiefs are on the hook for a guaranteed 28 million dollars even if Matt never throws a regular-season pass for their team! And thus far it looks like Matt has perhaps infected the Chiefs with the Belecheck syndrome as they are less-than-forthcoming about the extent of his injury...

Yes, I know the rules say that they don't have to fill out their injury sheet yet... but then when they do all too often the teams sidestep the truth in an effort to cause their opponent to study for the wrong offensive or defensive allignments... and I know that "all is fair in love and war" and all that... but it would be nice to know that our "sports" are played on level playing fields... Major League Baseball may not have a salary cap, but I think it goes to much greater effort to make sure that a fair and honest game takes place than does the National Football League...

Meanwhile former #1 pick Alex Smith has once again failed to become the starter for the 49ers... Shawn Hill has that honor with Smith as his backup... and it makes me wonder... does anybody remember that he was Urban Myer's quarterback at Utah during their undefeated season... the season that parlayed Smith into that #1 slot? THAT more than anything else would make me wary about choosing current Myer and Florida Gator QB Tim Tebow very high in next years draft... Florida has a football dynasty with the Gators but not a great track record of turning out pro quarterbacks... and Myer is pretty much oh for one himself, so buyer beware... IMHO...

Looks like the "can't miss" Brady Quinn is likely to start the year again as Derek Anderson's backup... Bryan Leftwich has secured the top-slot in Tampa Bay... What's new with your favorite QB? laugh

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Brady Quinn should start and stay playing in Cleveland. Quinn took a thinly-talented Notre Dame team and made them respectable. Given the opportunity...he'd be every bit as good as Eli Manning (81-86 QB Rtg area).

My QB is Mark Sanchez, another pretty boy like Quinn..LOL!

Sanchez impresses me..but will certainly make many rookie mistakes. The Jets don't have a "killa" offensive weapon save for Leon Washington who is the size of a garden gnome!I'll be happy with an 8-8 NY J-E-T-S season.

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I just hope the NY crowd is patient with him. The Jets are piss-poor as far as big-play makers on offense (although their front line is vastly improved from two years ago).

Remember these are the same "classy" NY Jet fans who cheered when Chad Pennington ( a very intelligent, class act) crawled off the field two years ago. arrgh

What can I do........? My wife is a Giants fan!! (A house divided).

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